We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

Why hire professionals for an after builders clean

Why hire professionals for an after builders cleanSometimes we feel that after the construction is done, the site cleaning is easily handled by the internal builders cleaning services in reality, it’s an entirely different type of cleaning that needs to happen. Post-construction cleaning or “after builders cleaning” is something that requires more than just a wet cloth and some vacuuming.

You want to be able to hire construction cleaning services so that they will professionally do it the first time, every time, and so that the construction itself can be fully complete.

They are more efficient

When you hire builders cleaners, you’re hiring those that are specially trained to clean out all the trash, debris, and broken down construction parts and then get to the actual cleaning. Builders cleaning services have their own checklist and process to get the job done when it comes to post-construction cleaning.

There are also various stages of cleaning that need to be done, and when you hire construction cleaning services, they’ll know to have this iterative approach to be able to make the place as spotless as it should be.

Then, once the after builders’ cleaning is done much faster and much more efficiently than a traditional cleaning crew, you’ll be able to have the routine cleaning back on schedule.

It helps with the construction.

Builders cleaning services are all about bringing the place to a point where it looks ready to use, walkthrough or whatever the purpose of the construction was. They’ll help to eliminate the chaos and mess left over by the construction crews and make the renovation or new construction truly shine.

By knowing exactly how to handle this post-construction cleaning, they will hit every corner, nook and cranny that is often missed by regular cleaning crews. This is because cleaning crews are usually surface level only cleaners and won’t get into the grit all the time unless specifically requested.

It’s a health and safety issue.

Construction sites are dangerous areas with professionals who still get injured from time to time. Post-construction sites are no different. If loose floorboards or nails are lying around, or even heavy buckets of debris are ready to be thrown out, this needs to be considered.

There’s also a lot of dust, and we mean a lot. This could pose a respiratory issue, and builders cleaning services have the proper protective equipment to ensure they can clean efficiently without putting themselves at any form of risk.

Construction also brings out a lot of vermin that’s been smartly hanging out in their hiding spots. Some of these are benign pests, but some of these could be dangerous. So when you hire construction cleaning crews, you’re also having them take out the vermin as well as all the trash debris and the final scrub down.

They bring their own equipment.

After builders, cleaning services bring suitable products and equipment with them to get the place ready to use. They can even, at times, supply debris containers that will take away the larger pieces of construction trash that need to be thrown out.

In addition, they’ll bring equipment to break down the items to more manageable pieces, such as hammers and saws, on top of commercial-grade cleaning equipment. This means no additional investment will be needed from your side when you hire construction cleaning services.

Post-construction cleaning equipment is specialised for heavy-duty cleaning, with industrial-strength vacuum cleaners to get all that dust-out, and specialised cleaners to clean up the construction grit that ends up being piled on. Knowing how to use this equipment and materials requires proper training to be effective, and that comes with hiring builders cleaning companies.

You’ll avoid fines.

When one hires construction cleaning services, they’ll know how to properly dispose of products, materials, and equipment and avoid costly fines with local municipalities for improper disposal of garbage. This can save a lot of headaches early on as builders cleaning services know how to clean these areas and exactly where all that trash needs to go.

Sure, some can go in the regular trash, but construction materials can also be recycled or could become toxic and need additional handling to ensure that they are disposed of correctly.

So, when it comes to looking for your next after-builders cleaning company, always go with one that specialises in construction cleaning, and not just commercial cleaning or office cleaning. You’ll have a lot of the literal heavy lifting done and a spotless newly constructed area to be used.

Don’t try to handle this internally, as it will be more costly and unsafe. You might not get as thorough a cleaning job as you originally wanted, requiring multiple cleaning jobs to be done before it gets to the level it needs to be at.



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