How to choose a builders cleaning subcontractor

How to choose a builders cleaning subcontractorPutting your project, money, and trust into the hands of a builders cleaning subcontractor can be a nerve-wracking process. 

Nerve-wracking because of the fear of shoddy workmanship, the fear that deadlines won’t be met, the dread that further costs will be incurred and much more. 

To help put your mind at ease, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips when it comes to choosing the right builders cleaners to carry out your construction cleaning jobs! 

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5 points to consider when using a subcontractor for builders cleans 

1. What is their history? For example, how long have they been trading? What is their experience of builders cleaning methods, and can they give you any examples? 

Make sure to go online and visit their website to find out exactly what it is they offer. For example, what is the size and scope of their past projects? Do they have a good and successful completion rate? Can you view pictures of their finished work, etc.? 

This is also a great place to start reviewing their customer feedback and testimonials. Ultimately, it’s all about checking out their track record to put your mind at rest. 

2. This all leads nicely on to check out their reputation in the area. Again, you need to make sure you do some digging. Check their social media feeds to see what past customers are saying about them, have they had a positive experience? What is their perception of the company and the work carried out? Have customers used them on more than one occasion, or was once enough?! 

Unfortunately, with so many companies stating that they all offer the same thing, it’s hard to know whom actually does what they say they do, and in some cases, you can’t always take a company’s word for it. That’s why it’s also not uncommon to ask for references. Allowing you to hear first-hand how the job was carried out if it matches your expectations and requirements, what they were like to work with, did they complete the job on time, are they reliable/trustworthy, etc. 

3. Are their prices a tad ambitious? Ambitiously low. As we know, cheap isn’t always better. When looking for builders cleaning subcontractors, it can be very tempting to go with the cheapest to help save on your bottom line. But we’d advise this is done with caution (or not done at all!).  Just because someone is the cheapest, it doesn’t mean that they’re the best in terms of value and service they provide. 

Unfortunately, some companies hide costs until the project has finished, with “hidden” extras added on. Also, lower prices can often mean lower quality cleans, as you’re potentially using untrained staff, the company probably won’t have any accreditations to their name, and we’d be doubtful about insurances. 

Is it really worth putting yourself, your team, or your project at risk? 

4. What paperwork do they have to support who they say they are and whom they’re accredited by, i.e., what are their credentials? Do they take Health and Safety into consideration? What accreditations and documents do they have to support this? Are their operatives CSCS qualified and trained to a high standard? Is the company fully insured for all eventualities putting your mind completely at ease? 

5. Are they a company of fairy tales? In other words, do they seem too good to be true? At this stage we’d recommend reading the small print; you never know what’s hidden in there until you check it out – no one wants to agree to something that really wouldn’t work for them. Check their terms and conditions and make sure they align with your requirements and site regulations. 

Builders cleaning uses different methods compared to regular domestic cleaning, and you need to work with a company you know has the experience and the knowledge to carry out precisely what you’re looking for. 

You need Clear Choice Ltd. 

Open, honest, trained and accredited, if you’re looking for builders clean in Leeds and beyond, call us today on 01132 711 432 

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