Carpet Cleaning Methods of Commercial Cleaners

Maintaining a clean carpet is essential to avoid unsightly stains, prolong the useful life of your floors, and even prevent potential health issues. There are many different methods used by professionals to clean carpets, but it’s important to find out which method works best for your home. The last thing you want is to replace your carpets due to an inappropriate cleaning method.

Let’s explore the most common carpet cleaning methods used by commercial cleaners, so you can choose one that suits your needs.  

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction 

This is the most common cleaning method used by commercial cleaners. It involves the use of a high-pressure jet spray to cover the carpet with a solution of hot water and a cleaning agent. Afterwards, a wet vacuum is used to suck up this solution plus dirt from the carpet. 

Steam carpet cleaning encompasses several stages that are geared to ensure your carpet is spotlessly clean and the cleaning solution is completely rinsed. If your carpet is heavily stained, this is the perfect method to use as it offers deep carpet cleaning.

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Carpet Shampooing  

This is another good method if you are dealing with a heavily stained carpet. Carpet shampooing involves the application of a cleaning agent on the carpet. The dirt and debris are suspended in the cleaning agent before being whipped into foam and washed out by a specialised machine equipped with rotating brushes. 

However, this method is not as effective as hot water extraction. It normally leaves wet foam residues on the carpet, which may become sticky after drying. The rotating brushes may also damage your carpet fibres.  

Carpet Dry Cleaning 

This carpet cleaning method is sometimes referred to as the bonnet cleaning. It involves the use of heat and chemicals that loosen and disintegrate the oil inside your carpet fibres. It utilises a rotary machine with absorbent pads that thoroughly clean the carpet, leaving it dry and spotless.  

If your carpet is made of sensitive fibres, dry cleaning is the ideal cleaning method for you. The greatest advantage of dry cleaning is that it offers quick-dry cleaning. You can use your carpet about 20 minutes after it’s cleaned.  

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t offer deep cleaning and may result in the accumulation of dust in your home. 

Foam Encapsulation 

If you are an environmentally conscious person, foam encapsulation may be the cleaning method for you. In this method, synthetic detergents are used. These detergents turn into powder, encapsulating the dirt from the carpet fibres.  You can then vacuum or brush the powder away.   

The foam encapsulation method also offers quick drying time, and it leaves a minimal chemical residue, which makes it an eco-friendly carpet cleaning method. Unfortunately, encapsulation may not work well for you if your carpet is heavily stained.  

If you are having a hard time choosing the best carpet cleaning method for your needs, you should consider approaching a professional carpet cleaner such as Clear Choice. Professional cleaners will certainly know what type of cleaning technique is right for your carpet.

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