Chewing Gum Removal Leeds

Efficient removal of chewing gum.


The biggest annoyance and the hardest substance to remove…

chewing gum! 

Chewing gum is one of those `thrown away with no regard` items that we as a population have wrongly come to expect as part of the norm.  Found glued to pavements, carpets, walls, entrance ways, private walkways and more, this one substance can be a nightmare to remove IF you can remove it at all! 

However, at Clear Choice Ltd we have the specialist tools and team to make sure your areas remain as picturesque as they should be. 

Removing the unsightly mess and dirt chewing gum can create in an instant.

Perception can mean the world of difference 

People’s perception of your business and the area local to you is extremely important.  It’s what people form their opinions on, how you conduct your business, what sort of business you are etc. 

Having chewing gum or even the stains which chewing gum can leave behind, is something that no one wants to offer as a first impression. 

Using the usual cleaning tricks and techniques just won’t do when it comes to removing this sticky substance, that’s why we come well-equipped to jet, steam and chemical clean all areas, using multi-pressure, water efficient chewing gum removal technology (we know, it’s quite a mouthful!) 

Luckily to support us in our efforts to keep places clean and tidy, it is also illegal to drop chewing gum in public or private areas and those who do could find themselves facing a big fine. 

With our quick and effective cleaning solutions, we have carried out chewing gum removal in pedestrian areas, on pavements, car parks, playgrounds, sports facilities and more. 

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Quick and effective chewing gum removal
Why choose Clear Choice services for cheweing gum related problem


At Clear Choice Ltd we’re well known for our dedication to providing first-class training to our teams and having a company culture that puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. 

That’s why we’ll always go above and beyond for any job we carry out and this is especially true for chewing gum removal. 

At Clear Choice we: 

  • Use innovative equipment and chemicals thatoffer a quick and effective solution 
  • Use chemicals that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • cause very little (if any) inconvenience to businesses and the area in which we’re working 
  • Take away the negative perception of chewing gum andthe stains the sticky sweet can create 
  • Create a clean and welcoming space

It can take chewing gum up to 5 years to biodegrade making it extremely unhealthy for our environment.  At Clear Choice Ltd we feel that as well as offering a great removal solution it is also our duty to educate people on the effects and damage throwing chewing gum on the ground can cause.

Removing the unsightly substance from a range of areas (carpets, tarmac, tiled floors and more), there isn’t a chewing gum removal job that we haven’t been able to achieve 100% perfect results on, every time. 

If you want to know what others already do when it comes to our expert gum cleaning services, get in touch.


Are you based in Leeds, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Bradford, Rotherham, Halifax, Wakefield, York, Harrogate, Skipton, Ripon, Thirsk, Hull, East Riding, or anywhere in between, and looking for expert advice on chewing gum removal?   

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