Can white vinegar be a superior alternative for cleaning your office space?

For those that have an office cleaning service, they may wonder if those eco-friendly options are going to be effective enough and what they are made of. A common cleaner is one that is based on a vinegar cleaner, specifically white vinegar cleaner. It’s a popular choice with commercial office cleaning companies that are looking to be eco-conscious and at the same time it can actually be one of the most effective cleaners out there.

Remember that the core component of a vinegar cleaner is acetic acid, which is one of the strongest acids out there. Of course, the cleaners that use vinegar will only have a small percentage of it and will be mixed typically with water to reduce its efficacy and, more importantly, any harmful damage that it can do to humans.

Can white vinegar be a superior alternative for cleaning your office space

Some of the core benefits of using white vinegar for cleaning

The main reason why a white vinegar cleaner is a green option is that it’s naturally forming and not toxic. It’s an acidic cleaner, which means you may at times see a combination of vinegar and lemon cleaner to help with your cleaning strategy. It also won’t really be harmful in any way to humans and their health. When properly diluted and used on the correct surfaces, it won’t cause any damage to the office environment nor will it cause any issues to the environment in general.

With its acidic nature, it also has antibacterial properties that help to be part of a deep cleaning. They can help to offer a hygienic office environment as well as an overall clean environment as well. One of the best properties of using white vinegar for cleaning is how it’s able to spotless the office pantry, especially items such as the office tea kettle or office coffee maker. When you get professionals to come in and do your cleaning, have them use the white vinegar for cleaning and descaling these items and the office fridge. In less than half an hour, these items will look good as new and, with a few rounds of rinsing, will smell new as well.

Vinegar cleaner, in general, is quite a multipurpose option when it comes to cleaning. It can help to clean various surfaces, eliminate stains, act as a natural deodoriser, and can help with those bathroom build-ups that happen with calcium as well as with soap scum.

A final and critical factor is that it’s also extremely cost-effective and cheap to produce compared to commercial office cleaning products, which are much tougher.

This is also what makes it such a popular home solution, as many people can make a homemade vinegar cleaner at home with just a few items. You’re able to effectively sort cleaning issues without it impacting your wallet. Those cost savings can go straight to the business that is using the office cleaning service, meaning a healthier operational budget at the same time.

Some things to consider

While white vinegar for cleaning is an excellent option, there are some downsides that need to be taken into consideration. Firstly there’s going to be that strong vinegar smell right after the cleaning. There are some cleaning solutions out there that try to mask that smell, but it’s definitely quite a strong smell to put up with right after the cleaning.

It can also end up damaging some surfaces due to its acidic properties, so that’s why it’s always a good idea to ensure that you have professional commercial office cleaning services to handle it properly. Some surfaces it can affect are hardwood floors and seals that are made of rubber.

It could also remove some protective coatings by mistake if left on certain surfaces. Other surfaces to avoid using a vinegar cleaner are stone-based surfaces such as granite or marble.

If it doesn’t harm the surfaces, it may still cause staining to occur and other types of discolouration, especially with certain fabrics. Professional cleaners should know ahead of time all the various materials. They will then know when to use a vinegar cleaner and when to use other eco-friendly cleaners that won’t be an issue on those surfaces.

Regardless – White vinegar cleaners are an excellent option

For those that are looking for Leeds office cleaning that uses eco-friendly cleaners such as white vinegar cleaner, look no further than us, and book our services when ready. We’ll know how to effectively use a vinegar cleaner to maximise the cleaning potential of it without damaging anything within the office or commercial space.  

Remember that a white vinegar cleaner is just one of many options when it comes to eco-friendly cleaners. To see what other options and alternatives there are, you can check out this article here, which will discuss such traditional cleaners that can be used.



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