Common Harmful Chemicals in Traditional Cleaning Products and Their Eco-Friendly Alternatives

There is really no need these days to use toxic chemical cleaning products as there are numerous eco-friendly cleaning alternatives out there. Instead of using traditional cleaning products and harming yourself, others, and items, you can opt for non-toxic cleaning products. This is even possible for your office cleaning services, and when you work with Clear Choice Ltd, we make sure to only use eco-friendly cleaning alternatives.  

Common Harmful Chemicals in Traditional Cleaning Products and Their Eco-Friendly Alternatives


When it comes to traditional cleaning products, bleach enters many people’s minds. It’s a strong disinfectant that is used to clean out the toughest surfaces and can also be used in moderation when doing some laundry. Yet it’s extremely toxic to humans and other animals as well.  

It can lead to skin and eye irritation and issues with your respiratory system. When washed down a drain, it can get into the water and harm the wildlife there as well. If you’re looking for something that can pack a similar punch, then hydrogen peroxide is a good alternative. It can be as effective as bleach as a disinfectant and stain remover.  


Another highly toxic chemical similar to bleach is ammonia-based cleaning products. This is what is typically used for glass cleaners as well as other cleaners that are tough to generally clean, such as ovens and pantry areas. It’s another sensitive area irritant, such as the skin and eyes, and can also result in respiratory issues as well. Those that are looking for the power of traditional cleaning products out of Ammonia can consider vinegar-based products to handle the same way.  

Volatile Organic Compounds

There are a lot of traditional cleaning products out there that have these contained. They can be in carpet cleaners, air fresheners and even scented sprays. These can have serious effects on your air quality indoors and cause constant respiratory problems for those that use office spaces.  

There are plenty of eco-friendly cleaning alternatives that can replicate the same results and even help to clean the air naturally. As an example when it comes to fabric cleaning, baking soda is an excellent option that will clean and help to freshen the air as well. If you’re looking for other alternatives, then you’re looking at lemon juice-based cleaners or again back to vinegar-based cleaners as well.  


While it may have an unfamiliar name, it’s akin to similar plastic-like substances such as BPA. It’s what is used in fragrance-based products, and less about the cleaning and more about freshening up the location. It can cause hormonal complications as well as developmental and reproductive problems and really should be avoided at all costs.  

There are better alternatives to these toxic chemical cleaning products, and one of them is simply airing out the commercial area by opening up the windows. Of course, there are other options to help make the office smell nice: using essential oils is one and is a fragrance compiled from all-natural sources.  

Phosphate based products

You will find these in your dishwashing cleaners and detergents. That means the kitchenette or the pantry could have a potentially dangerous cleaner in there that causes more damage to the ecosystem through drainage and water pollution than anything else. Always look for dish soaps that are all-natural, or go for options such as soap nuts. This is less about what office cleaning services will support and more about having the right type of products for day-to-day office usage.  


Another to join the group of toxic chemical cleaning products, and with a name to match. This is quite a potent cleaning solution with damaging fumes that can cause respiratory issues, sore throats, and even cause toxic levels in your organs to go so high they may fail. It’s completely unnecessary to utilise this as a chemical cleaning product because its alternatives are better in every way, from cost to effectiveness.

You can utilise a vinegar cleaning mixture for most cases, and also consider using baking soda for those areas that are looking for both deep cleaning and freshness afterwards.

In the end

Even though you may be set with office cleaning companies, do take into consideration working with office cleaning companies that are totally eco-friendly as our company. You will have just as clean a workplace and not have to have unnatural chemical scents between your cleanings. Instead, you can have a much healthier, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative when you decide to go with eco-friendly only cleaners.  

Your employees will thank you for the safer working environment and customers will appreciate your actions to help support sustainable solutions as well. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to schedule your next cleaning.

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