Items That Contribute Germs To Your Office

Keyboard - one of the dirty items in officeAn office is a place where you spend most of the time of your everyday life. So you would definitely want to keep your office ambience extremely clean and healthy. There are several factors that give birth to the germs in your office which may put the health of your employees at high risk. Low humidity, poor ventilation and bad lighting are the factors that also influence the environment of your office.

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Here is the list of items that contribute to gems in your office and how you can deal with them:

  • The office desk is one of the common dirty office items that may be a favourite spot of gems. It proves that the office desk carries 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. So make sure you clean the desk regularly to keep it disinfected from any form of harmful bacteria.
  • Community fridge is a place where bacteria easily thrive, especially on food items. So make sure you clean office fridge every alternate day and get rid of all the items which are on the verge of getting rotten.
  • A recently conducted research done by experts has revealed that soap dispensers are highly contaminated with dirty bacteria. So next time you wash your hands, make sure you are not gaining any gems.
  • Considering the fact that your hand is placed on the keyboard and mouse more than 8 hours every day, these are the places that are immensely exposed to the dust, dirt, food particles and sweat. Remember to clean your PC thoroughly with a cleansing agent before start your work each day.
  • Most of the big offices are adorned with dark colour floor carpet which has many of things lurking under them. There might be mould, dirt or dust that throws out many bacteria into the office environment every time someone walks over the floor carpet. So make sure you clean office carpet with vacuum cleaner regularly. If your office carpet is too old, then it is time you should think about replacing it with the new one.
  • It is common practice in a workplace to share headphones or headsets with each other. The bacteria can be spread through earwax, sweat and hair fibres that may become a cause of ear infection. So avoid sharing your headphones with anybody if you are too sensitive to bacterial infection.
  • Door handles is another place which is touched by several individuals every day. Now merely imaging how many times the door handles are actually wiped down in the day.
  • Proper hand sanitation is a key to remain uninfected from the bacteria or germs in your office. So next time when you do a handshake with another person, just think about how many germs you are gaining or transferring in the process.

The above-mentioned list of dirty office items is some of the most common ones that you deal with in everyday life. Several other unseen items also contribute to the growth of gems into your office.

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