How to Maintain Your Office Kitchen Clean

Office PantryAn office is a kind of place where people of different habits work together. When it comes to the office kitchen, the personal hygiene habits of people clash with each other that tends to affect the office kitchen environment. Here is the list of tips that you can follow to maintain your office pantry or office kitchen extremely clean and healthy

  • Keep proper track of food items and beverages stored in the fridge. Every week, check the condition of stored food and get rid of old food if it is showing any signs of getting rotten. Keeping food items for a longer duration in the fridge may end up spoiling other things in the refrigerator.
  • When you are using office kitchen appliances such as microwave or toaster, make sure that you clean them thoroughly after use. Your other co-workers will be extremely annoyed when they see any debris leftover around these appliances.
  • Keeping the office kitchen clean is everyone’s job and you are one of those many people who want a healthy environment in the office kitchen. So take an extra step and put garbage or spoiled food in the trash. Clean up all the spills immediately as you don’t want anyone falling or slipping into the kitchen.
  • If your company is continuously facing issues related to poor kitchen manners then set a kitchen etiquette policy that everyone needs to follow. Make sure your office kitchen policy is added to employee manual and all the staff of your company is made aware of kitchen rules at the time employee induction program.
  • No matter whether it is free or paid, respect your food. Every employee in the office needs to make sure that he doesn’t serve himself excessive food or beverage thereby creating wastage.
  • Set a proper schedule to complete occasional kitchen duties that include cleaning, loading or unloading dishwashers and much more. Make sure you perform regular maintenance of all the kitchen equipment to keep them running in proper condition.
  • Appointing a team of dedicated individuals or one person to look after the kitchen duties is a great idea to run office kitchen efficiently. Putting the responsibility on the shoulder of your employees will make them more responsible as they will be accountable for every activity that is taking place in an office kitchen. You can consider appointing a different team of employees on a rotation basis so that every employee will get a chance to become in-charge of the office kitchen.
  • Get in touch with authorities in case you think that the supply of essential items in your office kitchen is inadequate. If you observed that the napkin dispenser in the kitchen is completely empty or there is no cleaning solution available, then inform the concerned person immediately.
  • Sticking boards on the walls of the office kitchen is another way of making employees aware of the office kitchen etiquettes. The boards can have anything written on them – usage instructions, warning signs or quotes from a famous cook.

The kitchen is an essential part of any office and maintaining it in well condition should be a top priority of every corporate. Clear Choice will provide you with a broad range of cleaning services if you would like to find out how we can help you, get in touch with us.

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