We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

Why maintaining workplace cleanliness is important

Why maintaining workplace cleanliness is importantFirst impressions count. 

Think about it.  If a potential new client comes to your offices for the first time, what do you think the likelihood of these visitors working with you would be if they walked into an untidy and dirty office environment? 

Where guessing probably not a good one! 

That’s why maintaining cleanliness in the office is essential. 

Recent studies have also shown that cleanliness and clean work environments have crept up higher and higher when it comes to customer satisfaction. Higher than value for money, quality, and customer service! 

Making perception and first impressions everything! 

The importance of office cleanliness 

  • It can influence employee productivity, performance, and well-being. No one feels motivated in an unclean environment, making it essential to help keep staff morale and productivity levels high. 
  • It helps to keep staff safe, healthy, and efficient. For example, a clean office can help to reduce the number of employee sick days your business experiences. Avoiding the spreading of germs and infections, all through proper sanitisation routines and checks. 
  • A clean office helps to keep office environments safe, reducing the chances of potential hazards and accidents occurring 

However, with increased workloads, changes, and shifts in priority, we understand that sometimes cleaning standards do slip. 

But, maintaining high levels of office cleanliness should never falter no matter what, as the cost of a potential claim against you due to poor hygiene could be huge. 

Benefits of a clean office environment 

  • A clean office instils confidence and trust 
  • It can provide a sense of professionalism 
  • It helps to elevate your brand – a tidy work environment can imply superiority, quality products/services.   
  • Your brand can be judged based on how your office looks. 
  • It helps to boost staff morale – staff spend a lot of time in the office, a clean environment can help them to feel more comfortable so that they’re more productive, efficient, and happy! 
  • A clean office helps to improve the air quality, reducing the number of airborne pollutants and the spread of germs. 

To help, many businesses design a dedicated cleaning schedule outlining exactly what cleaning needs to be done as well as key responsibilities and duties.

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Office cleaning services in Huddersfield 

Within an office environment, there are a few areas we would advise to pay particular cleaning attention to.  

These include: 

Entrance/Reception Areas – this is one of the first places visitors, guests, and staff will see, so you need to make sure that when people walk through the doors into your office, they not only feel welcomed, but they also feel comfortable in their surroundings. 

For example, are the windows clean and streak-free? Has all rubbish and litter been removed? Are the business signs outside shiny and clean? Is the floor inside sparkling, and is the reception area clean and clear from clutter? 

When it comes to entranceway floors, keeping these clean should not be underestimated. Clean floors not only give a good impression of your business, but they also help to prevent potential slips, trips, and falls, helping you to comply with all health and safety regulations. 

Key touchpoints – it’s important to make sure that all door handles, handrails, work surfaces, headsets, phones, etc. are cleaned regularly. Let’s face it, no one wants to put their hands on something they shouldn’t, and these particular areas are also key touchpoints for the spreading of germs and bacteria. 

Refreshments – if you’re serving refreshments during your meeting and to your guests, please, please ensure that all glassware is spotlessly clean! 

Toilets – toilets/restrooms are a big area that needs addressing. It’s important for not just visitors to your premises but staff as well. Research has shown that 94% of people would stay clear of business if their toilet facilities were deemed unclean. You need to ensure that there is no toilet paper on the floor, toilets, floors, sinks, and basins, etc. are all clean and sanitised, paper towels and hand wash facilities are well stocked, and there are extras such as air fresheners, etc. to help with any odours. Restrooms also need to be regularly checked for mouldMould can cause adverse health effects on employees if not managed and removed asap. 

You may not think about cleaning your office every day, nor will it probably be the highest item on your list, however, having a clean and hygienic office can help you to continue running a successful business. 

You need to show your commitment to staff safety, health, and morale, as well as your dedication to making a good first impression. 

A clean and tidy office can achieve all of these things and more. 

At Clear Choice, we understand that keeping your office clean is no small task, but it is an important one. 

To help give it the attention to detail it needs and to make sure your business continuously offers a great first impression, speak to the team at Clear Choice on 01132 711432 

Professional office cleaning experts here to help all companies. The Office Cleaning Experts of Huddersfield.

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