We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

Is Office Cleaning Services for Small Business Worth It?

A small office space can be cost-effective, manageable, cosy almost, yet it still requires cleaning – and thorough cleaning at that. 

No matter what size, office spaces still accumulate everyday dirt and dust, grime, and odours that even fresh air and a great air freshener can’t absolve, and trust us, the mess is much more noticeable in smaller spaces. 

This is where office cleaning comes into play. 

Is Office Cleaning Services for Small Business Worth it

Helping to promote an environment that boosts collaboration, productivity, and teamwork, keeping your small office space clean and tidy can be essential. 

However, we understand you need to invest your money wisely, and cleaning is not always at the top of the list. 

But…first impressions count, and for anyone visiting your office, you want to create a great first impression as it is what people will base their thoughts about you on, how you organise yourself, your products, and your services – they can ultimately base their decision on whether to work with you entirely on the outlook of your office. 

In this post, we look at what small office cleaning can entail and if it really is worth investing  

In working with professionals to keep your business clean and healthy. 

Cleaning Services for Small Businesses 

Just because your office space is small doesn’t mean you should start assigning cleaning duties to staff with rotas and checklists to tackle the office cleaning and dusting, and don’t even get us started on how you approach your team on whose turn it is to tackle the communal toilets! 

Cleaning is not their job, AND if they do have to carry out these duties on company time, they’re not getting on with their actual jobs. Hence, productivity, as well as employee motivation, will begin to fall. 

In addition, there are significant differences between professional commercial cleaning and amateur cleaning. Now, we’re not saying it can’t be done, but when it is, it is often to the detriment of other work tasks and employee well-being. 

It doesn’t matter how big, small, or somewhere in between your space is, you simply won’t have time to clean, manage your teams, and service your customers to your highest standards, and the first thing to stop when problems arise will be the cleaning. 

(Of course, if you are determined to DIY, check out our post on Most Common Office Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Then, there’s the issue that certain places within an office environment are often forgotten about—for example, light switches, blinds, underneath furniture, etc. You need to remember to clean computers, keyboards, phones, printers/photocopiers, desks, chairs, floors, even the ceiling, door handles, stair handrails, skirting boards, windows, kitchen spaces, communal areas, and more. 

These are only some of the small office cleaning services that a professional commercial cleaning company will be able to provide you, making sure that everything is covered from the start. 

One of the top priorities should be providing your employees with a clean, tidy, and healthy work environment. A clean and tidy office does just this. Helping to reduce the chance of infections and spreading of viruses, increasing productivity, and ultimately boosting your bottom line, a clean office is a healthy and happy office. Looking for small office cleaning services near me can make staff feel more valued and looked after, as it shows that you care about their health and wellbeing. 

You will also unlikely have professional equipment, resources, and tools. However, professional cleaners come well-equipped for all cleaning eventualities. With industrial-strength cleaning products any office space using the right small business cleaning service can be made to look good as new in no time. 

Is hiring a professional cleaning team worth it? 

Of course! 

Cleaning is not something that can be left or only carried out once a year. Mess, dirt, and grime will only build up, and it not only looks bad, but it’s also not good for anyone’s health and well-being. 

From cleaning carpets to disinfecting surfaces, professional office cleaning Leeds offers it all. 

Benefits of commercial office cleaning Leeds: 

  • More cost-effective. Frequent cleaning can prolong the life of your office equipment and furniture, saving you money in the long term. 
  • It can be stress-reducing; clutter and mess are counter-productive and detrimental to our mental health. 
  • Professionals hold technical cleaning knowledge
  • Creates the right first impression. Walking into a clean, organised, and rubbish-free environment can make the best and right first impression on your customers, boosting your brand and your reputation.
  • Provides you with a cleaner work environment. 
  • Boosts productivity and employee morale as everything is sanitised, reducing the chance of infection and spreading of infection, which in turn reduces the number of sick days taken. 
  • Small office cleans can also be carried out less frequently than large cleans, making them tailored and more effective

At Clear Choice, we work with you to create a cleaning schedule that works. We can work outside of regular office hours to avoid causing disruption to workdays and allow employees to focus on their day-to-day work. 

A team of professional cleaners with many years of experience in small office cleaning; call us today at 01132 711 432 or email your requirements to info@clearchoiceuk.com



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