Different types of office cleaning services

Office Cleaning service typesCommercial cleaning, and in particular office cleaning, can mean many different things to many different businesses. 

In a sense, so it should. 

Different commercial businesses have different requirements and different types of facilities to clean, so of course, different cleaning products and tools are required depending on the situation. 

In this post, we take a look at the different types of office cleaning services available and which would be most suited to your business. 

General Office Clean

A general office clean is the most common and the most popular choice for many commercial businesses. If we’re honest, office cleaning isn’t too dissimilar from domestic cleaning; it’s just simply carried out in a work environment instead. 

For businesses, the good news is that office cleaners tend to work flexible hours, either before the start of your business day, or when everyone has gone home for the evening. So, you can work uninterrupted by hoovers, floor buffers, etc. It also means that your office can be adequately cleaned as there is space to move around without avoiding certain areas or distracting and disrupting people throughout. 

Office cleaning typically involves vacuuming, mopping, wiping down kitchen counters, cleaning toilets, wiping desks and tops of cupboards, etc. 

Depending on your office requirements will depend on the type of service that your office cleaning company provides.

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Education Cleaning

Nurseries, schools, playgroups, etc. where children are the main occupants often require a commercial cleaning service. Following specific Health and Safety guidelines, you can have peace of mind that the commercial cleaning company you use provides the highest of standards, are eco-friendly, and can use allergen-free cleaning products – or maybe that’s just Clear Choice! 

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

This commercial service is growing in popularity as appearances for business can be everything. Usually used by offices, hotels, and restaurants, clean looking carpets and furniture can create a great first impression. 

Keeping carpets and furniture clean also helps with their maintenance, making them last much longer – than and it also helps to remove dirt and harmful bacteria that can often be found woven and trodden into carpets and fabrics over time. 

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

More and more businesses are now choosing this option rather than staff staying behind to carry out the task themselves. Having a professional kitchen clean helps to ensure that all types of stains and grease are entirely removed, with commercial cleaners trained to use stronger cleaning products that are often required. A professional cleaning company can also ensure that the kitchen area is cleaned to a high standard and meet all requirements provided by Health and Safety regulations. 

Manufacturing/Industrial Cleaning

This type of cleaning requires specially trained staff and cleaning products and is mainly used by factories and manufacturing companies. This type of cleaning poses more risks depending on the type of machinery within the factory or plant – this is one of the many reasons why commercial cleaners should always be the preferred choice for these types of cleaning. 

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a separate service and isn’t typically included in a general office clean remit. 

From cleaning ground floor windows of retailers to multi-story office blocks, commercial window cleaning isn’t for everyone, so we would always advise you to leave it to the professionals. Those that have extensive training and knowledge in commercial window cleaning and the tools required to achieve the perfect streak-free window every time – those like the team at Clear Choice Ltd. 

Grounds Maintenance, including graffiti and chewing gum removal

Pressure washing for grounds maintenance is not one of the most common commercial cleaning services, but it is one that many businesses are beginning to see value in. 

Primarily used in car parks and on walls surrounding a business, this type of cleaning is used to help make companies look more visually appealing. 

that and it also helps to remove dirt and harmful bacteria that can often be found woven a Pressure washing is ideal when it comes to removing oil and grease stains from roads and parking bays as well as lifting that awful sticky gum that often gets thrown onto the ground and offensive graffiti, which isn’t welcoming for visitors coming into your business premises. 

For businesses, it’s about taking the time to find the most suitable office cleaning company for you and your business. 

Clear Choice can provide you with all of the above cleaning services and so much more, plus we’re reputable, thorough, and go above and beyond to create the perfect worker-friendly environment. 

Visit Clear Choice today to find out more about our services and the solutions that may be of interest to you.

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