Keeping Your Office Away From Airborne Disease

Sick Businesswoman getting airborne diseasePoor air quality in the office is one of the key reasons behind airborne disease amongst office employees. Most of the times, small offices have many employees who work on the same premises that lead to building up of dust, dirt and other forms of garbage. Office renovation or inner shifting also gives birth to office allergies that eventually affect the performance of employees. Here are some practical ways that will help you to keep airborne diseases away from your office

  • If employees are regularly complaining about respiratory issues, headaches or cough problems in office then it may be because of poor air quality. Clean up all the mess in your office and keep all the incoming and outgoing vents open. Make sure, the office furniture or any other item is not coming in the way of the ventilation system of your office.
  • Consider having some small plants in your office premises. They not only help to keep the office ambience fresh but also soak up harmful toxins thereby improving air quality at the workplace. They also release a high amount of oxygen that means there will be no breathing issues or office allergies.
  • Companies should create a strict HR policy under which procedure for sick employees should be clearly explained. In case, there is an employee who is constantly ill then company management should take necessary steps to offer him sufficient leave to recover. It will help other employees to stay safe from any forms of contagious allergies and they can focus on their work without any annoyance.
  • Hand hygiene is one of the most effective methods to prevent infection. The concept of hand sanitation should not be only limited to the household environment, but it should be followed in the office environment as well. Remember to wash your hands when you sneeze, before and after the meal, and cleaning your meal waste from office pantry.
  • Maintaining proper humidity level in your office helps to prevent the growth of mould, dust mites and other allergens in your office environment. Most of the corporate take help of dehumidifiers to achieve a proper level of humidity in the office.
  • If you haven’t replaced air filters in your office for a long time, then the debris and dust may have built up and settled behind the air ducts. This may put the health of your staff at serious risk as air flow in your office may become inconsistent. So consider replacing air filters in the office after every year and go for maintenance after every six months.
  • There are several tools available in the market that measure the quality of air in your office environment. After a sufficient inspection, the commercial cleaning experts will not only check air quality of your office, but they will also recommend you necessary steps to improve the office ambience.
  • If you are committed to maintaining the highest hygiene standards in your office environment then you will definitely start experiencing its results in the form of improved performance of employees. Having a healthy environment in the workplace is the right of your office staff and above-mentioned steps will definitely help you to deliver what your employees deserve.
Protect your employees away from the airborne disease, call a professional cleaner to maintain a clean office environment. Contact Clear Choice at 0113 271 1432.



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