We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

Easy tips for decluttering your office

Office decluttering tipsIt’s not uncommon for offices and workspaces to become cluttered very quickly and very easily.  We’re hoarders. It’s human nature. At some point, we always have the thought, “I might need this in the future,” so we keep hold of things that often we very rarely actually need.  However, office decluttering and taking advantage of office cleaning services not only ensures better productivity levels and a happier workforce, but it also keeps the office hygienically clean too. 

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Office decluttering tips 

Think of decluttering as a valuable use of time. If we think about how much time we waste in an unorganised office, it would undoubtedly spur us on to tidy and organise a lot more.  Research has shown that a neat and orderly office makes way for high productivity levels and less wasted time. Carrying out such office decluttering tasks doesn’t have to be a mammoth task, and in these cases, little and often is key. Here are some easy office decluttering tips to follow.

Pre-plan projects. A messy desk or office can often result in piles and piles of paperwork, lost documents, and lost ideas! Interrupting your workflow and reducing productivity. Knowing your projects in advance helps you to focus on what you really need. Cleaning your area to help avoid visual distractions and regain control of your work. 

Take back control. People often suffer from anxiety when they don’t feel in control of situations; that’s why taking back control of your workspace helps you to work better and more efficiently. Scheduling time on your calendar to carry out a decluttering session helps to de-stress you and ensures your cleaning effort is carried out. During this time, make sure to also wipe down all surfaces, keyboards, screens, and bookshelves, etc. to improve health and hygiene (you can also work with your office cleaning company to request such services regularly). 

Be ruthless. Don’t keep things/items for the sake of keeping them! Clutter exists because we believe everything is important but is it? Really?! 

Organise work onto a system that works for you. The best way to keep productivity levels high and for you to be able to get your hands on something immediately is to organise the clutter. Organising it into a system that works for you and is understood by everyone. For example, you could organise by importance, i.e., items you use the most being closest to you. You could also consider it left to the right workflow where works come in from the left; it gets processed in the middle and leaves on your right. 

Try paper-free. We understand that becoming paper-free isn’t always possible, but in areas that it is, we would fully recommend digital storage wherever possible. 

Make sure everything has a home. A good office design screams functionality. It’s not about cramming your office full of equipment, supplies, and more, to render it dysfunctional. But instead, putting such pieces into a “home.” A designated area where you can get to where you need to be and get what you want with complete ease. 

Analyse exactly what you use. Things that you use regularly should be kept. Everything else should go. It’s about trying to break the “just in case” mentality. To help, we’d advise you to take everything off your desk, and if you use it during the day, you should put it back. If you haven’t used it after a week – throw it out! 

Donate your clutter. Someone else’s rubbish can be someone else’s gold! Passing things over that you don’t need anymore is great, so is recycling, and you should recycle what you can when you can. 

Rethink your office layout. Is there a better way to configure your office space? Is setting up zones a possibility to make tasks more efficient? You could also look to move things you use much closer to you, again increasing efficiency and productivity. It’s also worth noting that offices with a more open layout can give the impression of more space, be more inviting, and be more open. 

Put your things away! Committing to putting things back in their place when you’re finished using them means you’ll always be able to find them again when you need them. It also means you won’t double up on items when you already have one; it’s just simply been “misplaced” at the time you need it! 

Organise your cables. Messy cables under your desk can seem like a never-ending battle. There are several options to help contain these and clip them together to tidy them up and keep them out of sight completely. 

Add extra storage. If you 100% can’t bring yourself to throw everything out, it might be time to increase your storage. Make use of wall space above your desk and the space under your desk, etc.as long as it’s organised and kept tidy, everything should be fine.  Clutter affects the way we work. It affects how we work as well as influences the perception of professionalism. 

At Clear Choice, we would recommend a de-clutter at least once a week, freeing yourself of any junk you might have accumulated during this time.  Putting stringent cleaning policies in place can also help. Operating a clear desk policy, no eating at your desk, and using professional office cleaners who carry out muchneeded cleaning services regularly.  Make sure to supercharge your day and have the space to complete more tasks, freeing you from all distractions. Call 01132 711432

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