Eating out in Leeds

Known for its abundant culture and sophistication, Leeds has made a reputation on Lonely Planet’s Top 10 European Travel Destination of 2017 ranking in 5th place.  For booming cities like Leeds, there are plenty of activities to do, other than sightseeing and shopping. Your city tour is not complete if you haven’t tried the local’s cuisine.

Eating out in Leeds

Here in Leeds, nobody wants to leave the city with an empty stomach. A number of street food vendors, bizarre cafes and tea shop and even fine dining restaurants have gathered that will make the city, a must place to visit for lovers and food bloggers. Eating out in Leeds with your friends is a great activity that you would like to include in your Yorkshire trip. Whether you are a foreigner, local business like our Leeds window cleaners – Clear Choice or a local tourist, your taste buds will surely baffle with various local and global diners in the city. To help you with your food trip, we have selected our top 5 best restaurants in the city of Leeds:

Culto (LS7 2PR)

If you want to try the taste of Italian cuisine. Culto is the best for you. The restaurant serves one of the best Italian pizza outside Italy. Famous for their Pizza Nera, made from authentic ingredients, the home-cooked style cuisine complimented with the vibrant and cosy environment will bring you to Italy without getting out of your chair.

Bundobust (LS1 5DQ)

Vegetarians and the environmentally-conscious do not need to worry, Bundobust is within the reach to feed your stomach. With so much recognition, eating in Bundobust can be a remarkable experience. The food outlet offers a variety of vegetarian and Indian street food-inspired. What makes them unique? They are certainly environmentally friendly because the food is served with biodegradable plates, bowls and cutleries.

Café Moor, Kirkgate Market (LS2 & HY)

In a fast-paced city, it might be a privilege to be served with a fresh and hot meal. This café in Leeds will provide the experience you are looking for. Situated in Kirkgate Market, the outlet will serve you with pure traditional North Africa and Middle-eastern street food. Never miss their scrumptious shawarmas!

The Cross Keys (LS11 5WD)

If you are looking for a place to dine and chill out in Leeds, The Cross Keys has got your back, serving you with a great selection of fermented beverage and wines, this will definitely be your place to hang out after work especially for weekends and special occasions. No one will ever get bored; this pub has books and board games are available for customers to play whilst they relax.

Red’s true barbecue, (LS1 2HD)

A triumph for meat lovers! Red’s true barbecue to the rescue. The scent of the grilled meat will wake your hungry soul. The restaurant offers not just pork barbecue, but also chicken wings, hamburgers and many more! The restaurant has opened its doors to carnivores since 2012 and now welcomes vegetarians with healthy appetizing snacks on the menu.

Other than the 5 lists, there are other Best places to eat in Leeds that you do not want to miss. You can pick according to your taste and budget, just do your intensive research as you might get overwhelmed with the number of scrumptious restaurants here in the city.

If you are interested in the History of Leeds follow this link.

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