The Benefits of Hybrid Work

The Benefits of Hybrid WorkThe pandemic has changed the way in which many companies across the country work and operate. One of the biggest changes to the workforce we’ve seen in the past two years is remote working. As companies now start to return to the office, many businesses are adopting a hybrid work policy. Today we’re going to discover what you need to do to prepare for a hybrid work environment and whether it’s the right option for your business. Here at Clear Choice Ltd, we are always excited about learning new ways of working and finding a solution that supports our operations during this time.

How Do Hybrids Work?

For most companies, when you talk about hybrid work, you’ll find they are referring to a combination of working from the office and working from home. Of course, how this is done within each company will vary dramatically. You’ll find that a hybrid work policy will be tailored to the company’s needs, but it may also vary between individuals in the organisation. Some companies offer full flexibility for their employees, whereas others have set days you must be in the office building. It’s all about working with what is right for your company and employees and trying to find a solution that offers everyone the best of both worlds.

Are You Prepared for Hybrid Work Environment Changes?

While the pandemic is still underway, companies are already opting to move over to a hybrid work environment. However, you’ll find that the majority of companies are, sadly, not fully prepared for this type of work just yet. If you are planning to shift to this way of working either temporarily or permanently, you’ll need to ensure you have everything in place to make this a success. The biggest concern for businesses is regard to productivity and this way of working. You’ll find that for certain industries, it can be quite a challenge to have their employees away from the office at times. It’s all about finding a solution that works for your company so that there is still a good connection at all times between leaders and employees.

When you first introduce this way of working with FM solutions, you need to make sure everyone is on board and understands the expectations of the facilities management services from day one. This will help to make the transition easier, and it will ensure that you are prepared for any issues that might come up. Keep in mind there are many benefits of hybrid work, so you just need to find the ones that work for your business and make sure you focus on offering everyone these benefits.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Work?

Any of the facility management services we work with knows there are many reasons to consider switching to a hybrid work environment. Of course, these changes come with their good and bad points, but generally, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. For companies, you’ll find that you can lower operating costs by reducing the amount of office space you need. Some companies have one team on a few days a week and the other team in on the days when that one is off. You can use hot desking to minimise the office space needed while still offering everyone somewhere to work.

Employee morale generally improves greatly when you start hybrid work options. You’ll find that they love the flexibility this offers for their personal life, and many people are very keen to remain working from home. However, with the hybrid model, you have a better chance of improving connections within your team. One of the biggest drawbacks of remote working is a loss of connection between employees and their colleagues. Hybrid working gives you the best of both worlds and will make you far more productive than just remote working. For employees who thrive working alone, they’ll still be able to enjoy a few days a week when this is possible. On the other days, they can accept they might be less productive and do tasks that require less attention.

As you can see, there are many benefits of hybrid work for any industry. Within facilities management, this offers a flexible solution for companies and employees. You’ll find your employees really appreciate the care that’s taken when this solution is introduced, especially during this difficult phase we all find ourselves in. The connection you gain when working in the office once again will make you feel like you are part of a team and will ensure that your team works together to meet the goals of the company. Contact us today for more information about hybrid work environments within facilities management. We’ll be happy to support you with this journey and ensure you reach your business goals this year.



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