Attracting New Business Tenants After The Pandemic

Attracting New Business Tenants After The PandemicThe recent pandemic has left many commercial properties vacant for an extended period of time. With more employees working from home and thousands of businesses being forced to close, it’s no surprise that offices and stores are remaining empty for long. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. By offering the right facilities and considering an office refurbishment to draw in new clients, you’ll soon be able to attract new business tenants after the pandemic. Follow these top tips listed below to stop your building from sitting empty for much longer this year.

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Consider an Upgrade to Your Building 

While we are all looking to cut costs as we return to normal life, sometimes the easiest way to attract new clients is by offering improved facilities. An office refurbishment is often worth the time and money you invest in this, as you’ll find you can offer your potential business tenants the facilities they expect from a modern office. With fewer companies returning to offices and more employees working from home, competition is high between office buildings, which are struggling to fill their space. For that reason, make sure you are offering the best facilities you possibly can by using a commercial refurbishment company.

High-Speed Internet 

Companies today are relying on the internet more than ever before, and high-speed internet is pretty much a necessity at this point if you want to attract business tenants into your building. As many of us are spending all day on Zoom talking to clients around the world, you’ll want to look at adding fibre cabling if you don’t have it already. Fibre-optic cabling offers you improved consistency and is a safe solution for any modern office. Make sure you work with a company that can offer your tenants support should an issue occur so that you can resolve any issues immediately and keep customer satisfaction levels high.

Environmentally-Friendly Buildings 

While you may think that commercial tenants are just looking for the biggest office or the cheapest rent, for many companies today, the environment is their top concern when choosing a new office space. By making eco-friendly switches, you’ll be able to attract tenants while also minimising your carbon footprint. When implemented correctly into your building design, you’ll also find this can reduce energy bills for your clients. A roof coating is a good option, which can increase the energy efficiency of any building. You can also make small switches inside the building to reduce the reliance on equipment and facilities that may be damaging to the environment. Even having good recycling facilities in place will impress a potential commercial tenant.

Parking Spaces 

A hot desk setup is likely to be implemented by many businesses following the pandemic, as more employees are opting to spend half of their working week in the comfort of their own homes. For this reason, we encourage you to think about how many parking spaces you can allocate to each commercial tenant. With more people coming and going, the expectation will be for a greater number of parking spaces within your building from now on. This is especially true for a commercial tenant who may regularly invite guests into the building, such as a lawyer or accountant.

Value for Money 

It goes without saying that many companies are currently struggling to make ends meet and keep afloat following the pandemic. For that reason, any work you have completed on your building should be shared with your potential tenants to show them how much money you are saving them. Any savings will be greatly appreciated at the moment and can help you to attract tenants. If you’ve made environmentally-friendly upgrades that will save them money each month on their electricity bills, make sure you share this with anyone coming to view your property.

Outdoor Spaces

During the past year, we’ve all come to appreciate the benefits of spending more time outdoors. Employees now expect to be offered facilities for them to enjoy on their lunch break or after work. Even in a large city, you could add a small rooftop garden or outdoor social area, where employees can get a break from their computer screen and enjoy spending time outdoors. For employers struggling to get their team to return to the office, these additional facilities will make a huge difference in attracting potential tenants.

Attracting new business tenants after the pandemic is a huge task, but with the right facilities and potentially upgrading your building with a refurbishment company, you’ll find that you can soon fill your building this year. Ensure you share with your potential tenants all the benefits you can offer them, and don’t be afraid to share the cost savings you’ve made for them during the work. Take the time to understand what your tenants are looking for, as many companies today are focused on additional facilities and environmentally-friendly buildings. This will help you to attract the right clients to your building while working to form good relationships that will serve you well for many years to come. 

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