How to Keep your Facilities Management Team Motivated

How to Keep your Facilities Management Team MotivatedWhen working with a facilities management team, one of the biggest issues can be keeping them motivated during more challenging times. Especially during the summer months, people often lose interest in their work and find that they want to spend more time outdoors or on holiday. Keep reading as we share some of the top ways that facilities management companies can keep employees motivated and ensure that you avoid any issues when hiring new team members.

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Discuss Any Concerns with Your Employees 

Communication is something that we often overlook when working with a team, but it’s critical in order to improve your working relationships. Check-in with your employees regularly to ensure they are happy with their work and to stop any frustrations from building up. If things are changing within the building, make sure they are aware of these ahead of time and aren’t surprised by them at the last minute. You’ll also want to share any goals that you are urgently working towards and let them know how they can help to achieve them. Employees often have some of the best ideas for building maintenance and facilities services and will be willing to share with you their thoughts and the places they think there is room for improvement.

Create an Incentive to Keep Them Motivated 

Do you think your facilities management team is struggling with motivation? An incentive program is one of the best ways that facilities management companies can keep their teams engaged all year round. This could be bonuses or time off benefits for reaching certain goals, and regardless of your budget and business needs, you’ll be able to find a fun way to keep them motivated during the tougher times. This will also be an excellent perk to advertise when you are hiring new team members, and it will help your business to stand out from other facilities management companies.

Set Aims for Your Teams 

If you are looking to encourage your team members to take more personal pride in their work, we recommend doing this through setting goals. Work with your facilities management team to set realistic goals that will be a fun challenge for them this year. This could be to complete work by a certain deadline or to improve something in your processes. Make sure everyone in your team is aware of these goals and is excited about taking part in this challenge. This could be the thing that makes them want to come to work each day and also help to improve communication within your facilities management company when your team is more motivated.

Ask Them What They Need to Succeed 

Sometimes your team members wish they had certain tools or equipment to help them succeed. While they might be shy to bring this up, we recommend asking in your next team meeting if there’s anything you can do to make their lives easier. Make sure you keep on top of maintenance and any devices and tools you use on a regular basis and replace anything that’s faulty or no longer working. While this might seem like an added expense to your facilities management company, it can make the working experience so much better for your team members. You’ll also see productivity and efficiency improvements, which will make your business much more successful.

Encourage Your Team to Take Time Off 

While this might seem counterintuitive for the productivity of your business, especially in the summer months, we encourage you to tell your team to take time off when needed. If you haven’t used their holiday days so far in the year, make sure they use them while your business is slow during the summer. This will help your team out later in the year, but it also offers many benefits to your employees. Sometimes employees forget to take time off, but the mental and physical rest will make them much more beneficial to your company. We all need time off to rest and relax, and this is critical after the challenging year we’ve all been through. At the same time, consider your company’s holiday policies and whether anything needs updating to look after your employees more.

By following these tips listed above, you can work to keep your facilities management team motivated during even the most challenging times. While we all have to go through challenges and struggles at work, you still need to offer your team the support and tools they need to do their job effectively each day. If you implement all the advice listed above, you’ll find your team are much happier in their daily work and offer a better service to everyone in your building. They’ll be excited about coming to work today and working hard as they feel so appreciated by your business and leadership team.

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