How to Respond to Fire Damage to a Commercial Property

How to Respond to Fire Damage to a Commercial PropertyFire damage is one of the biggest nightmares for property owners of any type. If you own a commercial property, fire restoration clean-up can be an overwhelming task, and you may not know where to get started. There are certain fire restoration procedures you’ll want to follow in the event of an emergency. By taking these steps one at a time, you’ll increase your chance of repairing fire damage to a commercial property this year. We always recommend using a fire damage restoration service, such as Clear Choice. A professional team can assist you with the challenges of fire damage repair while minimising your stress and anxiety surrounding this situation. 

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Board Up and Dry Out Your Property 

The first step anyone should take after a fire is to immediately assess any openings to your building a fire has caused. If you’ve lost doors or windows or new openings in walls have been created, cover these up straight away to minimise the chance of theft or animals getting inside and causing further loss and damage to your building. While drying out might seem like an unlikely thing that’s needed after a fire, remember that the firefighters who stopped the fire likely used a lot of water to minimise the impact of this disaster. Following a fire, you may also find that your home’s pipes or plumbing are damaged, and rain may even enter through holes in your roof. A fire restoration clean-up team can help dry out your home, which prevents more damage from occurring than you’ve already had to experience. 

Emergency Pre-Cleaning 

Once the fire is extinguished, unfortunately, that’s not the end of the potential damage to your home. The team at Clear Choice will be able to offer your home an emergency cleaning service, removing acidic soot residue to stop it from damaging your property further before repairing fire damage to a commercial property. 

Remove Belongings from Your Property 

For both individuals and businesses, one of the most devastating impacts a fire has on your property is the potential for it to damage high-value items. Whether they are sentimental items or of a high monetary value, most belongings sadly get damaged either by the fire itself or the after-effects of this disaster. At this point, we recommend trying to carefully pack up any items you can and assess what items cannot be fixed. When it comes to claiming on your insurance, you’ll need to have a good record of what condition everything you are claiming for is in to have the best chance of securing a payout for these items. When removing items, we recommend completing a full inventory of your commercial property. Fire restoration procedures companies can assist with this process and can store your belongings for you. They can then provide you with a full inventory which you can work off from when it comes to your insurance claim and any necessary item replacements you may need to make. If you’ve found any precious clothing or furniture, especially if these items are part of your company’s stock, you’ll want to research dry cleaning and restoration options at this point to see if they are salvageable during the fire restoration clean-up.

Cleaning and Restoring Items in Your Commercial Property 

Any items within your commercial property that can be salvaged should be considered one at a time to see if they can be saved for future use. For companies with expensive equipment or a lot of stock on-site, this is an essential step to minimise the potential damage to your company’s finances moving forward. While sadly, a lot of items may have been lost, do your best to rescue anything you can.   At Clear Choice, the team can offer you the tools you’ll need to clean items and restore them to their original quality. While cleaning may not be enough to restore your lost goods and facilities, it’s the first step to take. From there, you can work with a professional company to assess the reconstruction needed for your building. Clear Choice can assist with your insurance claim reports, which can help you to claim back the lost money associated with a fire. When you find out a fire has occurred at your commercial property, it’s normal to panic and wonder who to turn to. By using a company such as Clear Choice, your stress and pressure can be reduced, and you’ll have a team there to support you every step of the way. They can assist with everything you might need and will guide you through the process to ensure nothing is overlooked along the way. You won’t have to worry about disposing of harmful materials or dealing with mould, as they can decontaminate your property with the latest technology. After their work is done, you’ll know your building is electrically safe, and they can work with you to fully restore and rebuild the property to its original state.

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