How to Use Facilities Management Metrics to Measure Success In Your Business

How to Use Facilities Management Metrics to Measure Success In Your BusinessTracking metrics in any part of your business can help to improve your performance and take your organisation to the next level this year. Facilities management is one area we highly encourage you to start tracking more, and facilities management performance metrics will help you to understand where improvements can be made within your business. While it can be overwhelming to get started with this task, our team is here to support you with this process and make much-needed changes within your company. Check this page for more information about facilities management in Leeds and how working with our team can assist you in the coming years.

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The Top Facilities Management Metrics to Track This Year 

When it comes to facilities management metrics, we encourage you not to overwhelm yourself by tracking too many areas. Firstly, it’s time to focus on the percentage of office space and meeting space you have in your workplace. On top of that, you need to assess the percentage of technical space which is in use. From there, you can also start assessing other metrics, which include your electricity consumption and the downtime of your equipment. By learning more about how facilities management is currently in place in your business, you can then work with FM companies to find solutions to the weak areas within your organisation.

In the past, companies relied on their managers’ observations to create these metrics. However, we all know that this is not an efficient or effective solution that will offer accurate results. Instead, we are now opting to use more modern solutions that will offer you a much clearer idea of how your facilities are being used on a daily basis. These can be used to discover how much it costs you for each employee to use your space and to find out how you could improve the use of your space. You’ll then be able to maximise the building space you have and improve your production processes and efficiency. Almost any business can benefit from learning more about this area, ensuring that building maintenance procedures are put into place to help with upkeep.

Proactive Maintenance 

Proactivity is now taking precedent over just fixing things as issues occur. By taking the time out to regularly check how your facilities and equipment are performing, you can avoid a huge disaster further down the line. You’ll be able to assess the cost of replacing and fixing equipment so that you can make constant improvements in order to keep the costs down in the long run. Labour hours will be saved in the long run, and you’ll find that your maintenance policies will adhere to year after year. You’ll have a constant idea of how your money is being spent, and you’ll find that unexpected repairs are much less likely to pop up in the future.

Sustainability Within Organisations 

As a business owner, you need to think about your impact on the environment and how you can make changes within your organisation.  Now that sustainability is receiving more attention, businesses realise their current practices aren’t good for the environment or their budget in the long term. For a greener future for your business, we encourage you to work with a facilities management company that puts sustainability at the forefront of their everyday work. We are passionate about keeping up to date with current trends within the industry to ensure that everything we do will have a positive impact on the world around us. 

By setting specific and measurable goals, you can work to improve your practice within your organisation. Make sure any goals that you set in this area are realistic and have a time limit, otherwise you are unlikely to really achieve them. Even small transitions such as choosing LED lighting or considering your heating costs can make a huge difference to your business and the world around you. We also encourage you to educate your employees more about their impact on the environment. When they know how the small changes in their everyday actions could impact the world around them, you’ll find that they start to act in a way that promotes sustainability within your business and the world at large.

Facilities management metrics should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure you are operating with the most efficient and sustainable practices in mind. It’s never too late to start tracking your metrics and making improvements within your organisation. We encourage you to work with our team to learn about the areas in which you could make simple improvements. You’ll find that everyone within your organisation will benefit from a review of your facilities management processes, and we’ll be happy to support you with this in the coming years.

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