Is Facilities Management a Good Career Choice?

Is Facilities Management a Good Career ChoiceIf you are thinking about changing career in the near future, you might be wondering whether a facilities management job would be the right option for you. As with any job in the world, there are pros and cons of facilities manager jobs, but generally, the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. As an FM company in Leeds, we are passionate about sharing the excitement of working in this industry with potential employees. Keep reading to discover what working as a facilities manager in the UK involves and whether this would be a good fit for your future career.

What Does a Facility Manager Do?

Before we can consider other aspects of working as a facilities manager, it’s important to understand what this position involves. A facilities manager has a very varied job role, which involves ensuring the environment and its systems all work properly at any one time. They look after places where people work and live and will oversee the day to – day operations of the building. Health and safety is a huge part of this job role, and that has become more of a concern over the past decade.

The company you work for will play a huge part in what you do on a daily basis. Smaller companies may have more limited responsibilities, but larger companies may require you to work with vendors and outside companies to coordinate work within a building. It’s a very organisationally based role, which requires quick thinking and good people skills. You’ll never have two days which are the same as a facilities manager, which is why this is a lifelong career for many people. Facility management companies find their clients enjoy the variety of this job, which makes it like no other job on the market today.

Why Do Companies Need Facilities Managers?

You might be wondering why a business would need a facilities manager in the first place. Over the past years, the way in which buildings operate has become more and more complex. Companies need to oversee buildings they own and ensure they aren’t going over the budget. Clients and residents are constantly demanding more and more from their buildings, and that’s why a facilities manager needs to be on-site to ensure everything runs each day smoothly. The cost of hiring a facilities manager usually comes back to the company over and over again, which is why this job is in such high demand today.

When a building has very complex business operations, it isn’t going to run itself. You’ll find that a good facilities manager will improve efficiency and productivity in a business, and help to minimise the chance of issues occurring. They’ll also help the other employees and ensure they have a good working experience. Safety would be far improved with someone overseeing this area, which leads to fewer injuries and incidents in a building.

What Type of Business Will do I Work For As a Facilities Manager?

If you are thinking about working for an FM company, you’ll find the work to be very varied. If you have experience in a certain industry, you might gravitate towards that as your new job. However, this type of work is primarily associated with white-collar businesses. Finance, marketing, and tech companies all use facilities managers to ensure their buildings run smoothly on a daily basis. However, education and healthcare are other popular opportunities when looking at facilities manager jobs. Basically, any business with a lot of facilities and organisation could benefit from working with a facilities manager in the UK.

Who is This Career Best Suited For?

While it’s hard to decide from the facilities manager’s job description if you would excel in this career, you’ll find that it’s generally a very rewarding option for anyone. Of course, whether you consider it to be a good career or not, may depend on your past work experience. The pay is very good within most companies, and it’s a career route that won’t be replaced anytime soon by technology. If you feel you’ve outgrown your current industry, you might find you can transfer jobs but stay within the same industry. It’s a career that is in demand throughout the UK, so wherever you are based or move in the future, you’ll have no trouble finding employment.

There’s a lot to consider before moving to a career in facilities management, but it’s a rewarding and exciting opportunity for anyone to consider. You’ll need to make sure you have the basic qualifications and requirements to apply for jobs in this industry before getting started. Our team will be happy to answer any questions about facilities management in the UK. We work with companies in various industries and are constantly looking for new talent to join us in the future.



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