Outsourcing Facilities Services

Outsourcing Facilities ServicesOutsourcing your building management services can be daunting. It’s a big responsibility that requires trust and confidence from both parties. 

Outsourcing facilities management is a focus of business efficiency.  Simplifying your day-to-day operations by handing over those functions and job roles that will free up your team’s time. 

However, every business is different and has unique requirements, i.e., are you looking for waste management, cleaning and maintenance, energy services, and more?  In this instance, you need a team that can meet your unique requirements and tailors their building maintenance offer to you perfectly. 

This post looks at if facilities management outsourcing is for you and what you should look out for in a commercial building maintenance team.

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Is outsourcing your FM for you? 

Factors you need to consider: 

Is there any benefit in keeping facilities management in-house? 

Here we’d advise you to look at your business’s core functions. If the facilities management element doesn’t directly relate to your products or services, it should be considered a support function, not a core one. 

That’s not to say it’s not important; of course, it is, but rather it can be considered as a function that you could outsource to allow you to focus more on your core. 

How can you keep on top of quality control if FM outsourced? 

You need to trust the people and the team you choose to work with.  This level of trust will affect efficiency and safety, which is vital. 

One of the major benefits of outsourcing is the level of experience and skills a professional team can offer, bringing you peace of mind that quality is upheld, always. 

Make sure to ask for references, check testimonials online, and set KPIs that everyone agrees with. 

You require both regular and one-off support with building maintenance. 

For professional FM providers like Clear Choice, this isn’t a problem.  We know that cleaning, grounds maintenance, waste management, etc., must be carried out and scheduled regularly.  However, we also understand that services such as repairing and maintaining hardware may be less frequent, and services such as improving your building’s energy efficiency will only be a one-off job. 

That’s why we work with you, taking all of these factors into consideration—allowing you to break your facilities management outsourcing down and assign contracts and strategies to each service as required. 

What savings do you want to achieve? 

Outsourcing your facilities management should ultimately provide you with resource savings, with the solution you implement saving you on both direct and indirect costs in the short and long-term. 

Think carefully about the time and savings you want to achieve and shape your outsourcing decisions on these objectives.  Take time to clarify what you would like to achieve, taking the time to find the most suitable facility management services UK for you. 

Questions to ask a building maintenance company 

To keep everything up to date, smoothly running, and operational, ask/consider: 

Are systems and processes up to date?  All FM processes must remain up to date to ensure a productive and efficient workplace.  Using the latest techniques and technologies that can increase efficiency, productivity and save money. 

Do they adhere to all codes of practice?  Do they have any certificates or customer testimonials to support this? 

Are you offered regular meetings, monthly reporting?  You need to know what’s going on, how is performance measured, and are you on top of quality standards? 

How confident are they in flagging problems asap? Your outsourced team must know what issues to prioritise over others when the need arises – they need to take the time to know your business. 

Communication is key.  Open communication will strengthen your relationship with your FM provider and allow you to manage all interconnecting relationships to keep everything running smoothly. 

Keep on top of budgets. When managing your facility’s budget, you must consider assets, systems, processes, and people. 

What solutions do you/they have in place for emergencies?  Do you have confidence in your building maintenance team to be able to handle it? 

Internally, ask yourself: 

  • Why do you want to outsource? 
  • What are your long-term goals? 
  • What will be your biggest internal challenges? 
  • What are your motivations? 

For quality, professional, facilities management services you can trust, make the right choice, call Clear Choice today on 01132 711 432. 

We know the importance of working as an effective part of your facilities management team. 

That’s why we work as an extended part of your team.  A team that fully supports your business and your strategy for the future. 

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