The importance of water extraction when your property suffers water damage

The importance of water extraction when your property suffers water damageWater damage to your property is one of the most common issues you will likely come across at some point in your lifetime.  From burst pipes causing considerable leaks to severe sewage blockages and even flooding from natural disasters, water damage is a very destructive and often a foul-smelling affair. 

In the event that your property is suffering from water damage, the first thing to do is, act fast. 

You want to prevent as much damage as possible from occurring.  Moving items and furniture, if possible, out of harm’s way and placing valuables somewhere safe is vital. 

You then need to look at water extraction.  Water extraction should be carried out by trained and experienced professionals where water still remains inside a property. 

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What does water extraction entail? 

Water extraction or flood extraction ultimately removes any excess water from your property. 

Water restoration companies like ourselves work hard to minimise the damage flooding has caused, helping to reduce the risk of permanent damage, prevent mould from setting in and growing (causing serious health issues), and support you in restoring the property to a good condition. 

The process of water extraction 

First, you must stop water in its flow.  I.e., the source of the leak, burst pipe, etc., must be stopped before any work can begin.  This could be by repairing the pipe or even turning off the water mains. 

Next, you need to drain the water.  This is where specialist water extraction tools come into play.  Using a wet vacuum or gas-powered pumps (ideal in power outages), you should drain away as much of the water as possible.  This part of the restoration process should be done quickly and efficiently to avoid further damage.  

Extraction vacuums help remove as much water as possible before bacteria and mould sets in, reducing damage and restoration costs. 

Water extraction tools also help reduce indoor humidity and increase the speed and effectiveness of the drying out process. 

Searching for water damage restoration near me will bring you a host of professional companies, like Clear Choice, who will have advanced equipment, experience, and the knowledge to ensure high standards are met along with all Health and Safety guidelines. 

(Note:  Make sure to turn off all electricity sources and utility lines as a precaution). 

Finally, the experienced restoration team will begin to remove the water you can’t see.  Water can very easily absorb into your carpets and even into your walls.  In these instances, professional teams will use specialist extraction tools to ensure that all water and moisture are removed from your floors, walls, and ceiling, so there is nothing left to cause any further issues. 

Properties suffering from water damage will be presented with a complete water damage restoration process that includes extraction, mitigation, and restoration. 

Both water extraction and water mitigation are vital services to help restore properties to their former selves. However, there are valuable differences between the two techniques. 

To find out about these key differences and to shed more light on the services you might require, make sure to check out our post on The Differences between Water Extraction and Water Mitigations. 

Structural drying is often required at the end of extraction and mitigation if water is believed to have seeped into the building’s structure, causing warping and splitting.  Moisture detectors and infrared cameras can help to detect damage at this stage so appropriate repairs can be carried out. 

The importance of water extraction 

Water damage to any property, especially your home, can be devastating.  It puts your home at risk of mould, damages furniture and valuables, and can even threaten your home’s overall structural integrity. 

Calling a professional team that specialises in flood extraction is essential. 

The team at Clear Choice wants to help you when the unthinkable happens, protecting your home when it suffers from water damage. 

We help to extract flood water immediately and get to work restoring your home as quickly and effectively as possible.  Our focus is on keeping damage to a minimum. 

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