What Does a Real Estate Facilities Manager Do?

What Does a Real Estate Facilities Manager Do

When discussing facilities services, one industry that can benefit from the work of a facilities manager is the real estate field. You’ll find that real estate and facility management work hand in hand to offer many benefits to both your employees and customers’ lives. One of the most common questions that our facilities management services receive is what the difference between a property manager and a facilities manager is. Let’s take a look at property facility management and how it could benefit your business in the future. 

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What Does a Facility Manager in Real Estate Do? 

Real estate involves careful daily management in order to keep on top of security and operations within a building. Especially within commercial real estate, there are finances, operations, and commercial building maintenance, which need a lot of daily management. Facilities management in real estate is likely to involve a lot of asset plans, and they may be involved in due diligence for new acquisitions. Daily tasks that a facilities manager in real estate can assist with include legal documents, overseeing a property, and ensuring daily operations are running smoothly. If you own a property that you don’t live locally to, facilities management services are a good way to keep your commercial or residential property running effortlessly when you are away. 

What is the Difference Between a Facilities Manager and Property Manager? 

Some buildings require both a property manager and facilities manager, but you may find you have a more urgent need for one than the other. Property managers are primarily dealing with the building, which might include collecting rent from tenants, maintenance, and communicating with you as the landlord. They are often just seen as a point of contact for you and the tenants, and they will ensure that everyone is satisfied with the service and facilities they receive. Their main duty is about keeping everyone happy and ensuring the daily operations and needs of the business are met. 

On the other hand, a facilities manager will deal more with the people and processes within your business. They will be looking to improve these processes and improve efficiency within an organisation. For example, in a large office space, they might try to find ways to add extra desks or facilities. They once again work as an in-between of the landlord and tenants, but they’ll figure out how to overcome issues and make the most of the facilities you already have. They are particularly crucial in offices or retail spaces, where they will try to make your building more organised and efficient for everyone who uses it. 

The Benefits of Facilities Services 

When considering if FM solutions are worth investing in, you’ll find that facility and property management is a great option for almost any business owner. These are just a few of the top reasons we recommend you consider working with a facilities manager in the future. 

A Designated Point of Contact 

Particularly if you’ve invested in a building that isn’t near your home, you might not be able to be around as much as you’d like. For that reason, a facilities manager can take over this task and ensure your business runs smoothly on a daily basis. They’ll also keep the future of your business in mind and ensure you are working in an effective and efficient manner. They’ll have your profitability in the back of their mind at all times and find ways to maximise your space to make the most of the building you own. 

Peace of Mind 

When you own multiple buildings and businesses, you likely don’t have the time each day to worry about what’s going on there. If that’s the case for you, outsourcing this task to a facilities manager is the best way to go. You’ll find that you enjoy better peace of mind when using this type of service, as you will always have someone on call who can deal with issues. They’ll be much more closely located to the building than you might be, which allows you to enjoy your daily life without the constant fear of something going wrong. You’ll find that the service you provide to your tenants is much improved, retaining their business for many years to come. 

A real estate facilities manager offers many benefits to real estate investors, and you’ll find that they can be used alongside a property manager. They’ll work to keep your business profitable and ensure your building is a good place for your tenants to work and live. It’s a great investment for the future of your property, and you’ll find that it will take a lot of the pressure off your time and energy when it comes to managing a building. Contact us today to discuss our real estate facilities management services and how we can help your business to thrive. 

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