What is a Blended Workforce?

Blended WorkforceAs a result of the recent pandemic, we’ve seen a huge shift in the way in which many companies are operating. The blended workforce is one such example of this. Many companies are stopping working traditionally and are opting for more flexible solutions when using a facility management company. Here at Clear Choice Ltd, we are proud to support blended working, and today we’re going to share some top tips for this way of working in the future.

What is Blended Working?

When considering a career in facilities management, you might notice some companies offer blended working as a benefit. This is defined as a type of work that combines both on-site and off-site work. It allows workers flexibility in comparison to traditional working methods and helps them to decide when and where they will work. Each company will have its own policy in place for facilities managers and blended working, so you need to ensure the company’s goals align with your aims for your life as far as work-life balance. However, it’s generally considered to be a much more flexible way of working for both employees and companies. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to blended working examples for businesses.

Clear Communication

One of the top considerations for a blended working policy within facilities management is that you need to have a clear chain of communication in place at all times. This is one of the top reasons that we see a blended workforce fail. When employees are working remotely or from home, they may be so focused on the task at hand that they don’t even think about checking in with your team. The blended working meaning still requires employees to stay in touch with their leaders and make sure they are responsible for their workload. You’ll find that a certain level of trust is needed with a blended workforce, or you may struggle to get anything done and start micromanaging your team.

Set Clear Goals

When it comes to a blended workforce, you’ll need to be clearer than ever about the goals you have for your organisation that month or week. When everyone feels accountable for the company’s progress, they will still put as much effort into their work, no matter where they are working. Just because someone is working from home, it doesn’t mean they won’t be just as productive or efficient with their work. Make sure everyone feels included no matter where they choose to work that day. The more involved everyone is, the more likely you will be to meet and exceed your business goals this year.

Keep Managing the Blended Workforce

With remote working, it can be tempting to treat your employees more like contractors than employees. They still need to be given regular performance reviews, or you’ll find that they lose sight of where they are heading in their careers. As a manager, you need to ensure you are always on hand when your employees need assistance with their work. Make sure you treat the blended workforce in the same way as you would employees who are working right by you in the office. Give them a chance to catch up with you and adopt a virtual open-door policy during working hours.

Encourage Real Life Interaction

With the blended workforce, you may find that you only have some team members on your site during certain days of the week. It can be hard to find a day when everyone is in the office, especially if you are using any form of hotdesking. We encourage you to set up meeting days, whether this is for professional or personal gatherings. Even just getting everyone together for lunch once in a while will improve your team morale and help everyone to get to know each other. When you onboard a new employee, ensure they meet everyone faces to face at the start of their time working for you. This makes it much easier to reach out for help in the future if they know who they are talking to.

It certainly looks like the blended workforce is here to stay in the future, and it offers more flexibility to businesses and employees. This type of workforce may have some of your team working full-time off-site, but you still need to treat them as part of your business. Make sure they are offered the same support and guidance, no matter where they are working from. In the long run, you’ll find that this will help them to stay productive and work towards their business goals this year. It’s an exciting time for both employees and companies, and we are here to support you with facilities management in any industry during this period of transition.



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