What Makes a Good Facilities Manager?

What Makes a Good Facilities Manager

When considering hiring a facilities manager for your business, you might be wondering what the top facilities management skills that you should look out for are. A facilities management company will ensure you receive a team member who has all of these critical skills and more. We will make sure you have someone who can assist your business to help it run to its full potential this year.

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The top facilities management skill to look out for when hiring a team member is communication. When they are working with a large team and organising the operations of your business, they need to be able to communicate their needs to your team. Managers in this field need to be happy to collaborate with people from all walks of life and understand how to overcome conflict in your business. They need to proactively keep on top of issues before they build up too much and have a plan in place for all eventualities. Good communication isn’t just regarding verbal communication nowadays either, as they also need to have strong telephone and email communication skills. We all rely on these methods of communication now, and it’s something any good facilities manager will require. 

The Ability to Work Under Pressure 

One of the most exciting things about working as a facilities manager is knowing that no two days in your workplace are the same. However, when an emergency occurs, you need to be able to work under pressure and ensure you get everything resolved as soon as possible. When an issue does occur, facilities management leaders will be able to react in a calm and composed manner to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Even on the most stressful of days, you should be able to put aside your feelings and focus on finding a resolution to any issue you might face. When working with a team, it’s so important to not show your stress so that they continue to still work to the highest standards as well. 

Experience Within the Industry 

While many of the skills we share here today are more personality-based, a good facilities manager also needs to have some level of experience within a facilities management company. They should have a strong idea of what their job description entails and have the skills and abilities that are needed to lead a team. They should possess good decision-making skills and know how to budget and work with expenses. When they first start working for your organisation, they’ll analyse what could be improved in order to make changes that will be beneficial in the long run for your organisation. 

Cultural Awareness 

Many businesses today employ a diverse workforce, which is something we highly recommend as a business owner. However, some facilities managers aren’t as skilled as others when it comes to cultural awareness. No matter who they are leading, they should learn to treat everyone with respect and kindness and be interested in learning more about their team. This level of compassion needs to be shown to everyone, no matter their background or personality. When a leader shows this type of inclusion, it makes an organisation a much better place to work for everyone. This attitude soon filters down through the company and continues to improve your business as a place to work. 

Highly Organised 

With so much going on each day within the role of a facilities manager, you need to ensure you are well organised and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Even if you have a plan for the day ahead, one of the top facility manager skills is to be able to adjust to anything that comes your way. The characteristics of facilities managers include being good at time management and organisation so that you always have enough hours in the day to complete your work. Facilities management is certainly not an easy task, and the facilities manager skills will vary between each company you work for. A level of adaptability is also needed for this job role so that you take any challenge that comes your way without becoming too stressed. 

There are so many different skills that are needed to be a good facilities manager. While these are some of the most important characteristics of a facilities manager, there’s so much more to this job role than you might think. As well as being a good manager and leader of people, you also need to be calm under pressure and able to work with tight deadlines. As a facilities management company, we only hire the best people in the industry who possess all of these skills and much more. Contact us today for more information about working with a facilities manager and the ways in which we can help your organisation in the upcoming year.

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