Will a Bad Smell Impact Workplace Productivity?

Will a Bad Smell Impact Workplace ProductivityWhen you experience a bad smell in the office, your number one concern is probably getting this issue resolved. In the meantime, you’ll want to think about how this smell might be impacting your employee’s moods and productivity. A foul smell needs resolving as soon as possible, as it can make coming to work each day incredibly unpleasant for your employees, who will find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. Let’s take a look at how smells in the workplace can impact your team and how Clear Choice Ltd can help to resolve these issues straight away.

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How Smells Affect Your Mood 

Any smell has the potential to impact your mood, whether that’s positively or negatively. Of course, there are many smells we come across in our daily lives that are delightful, which soon put a smile on your face. On the other hand, a nasty smell, such as one coming from blocked toilets, can soon lower the mood and productivity in your office. Smells have the ability to change how we act and think and can quickly make you go from being in a good mood to feeling grumpy and fed up. Creativity is also linked with smell, and a bad smell might stop your employees from doing their best work or coming up with new and exciting ideas.

While you’ll want to avoid any bad smells with the help of commercial plumbing contractors, you could also consider adding pleasant aromas into your work environment. An uplifting air freshener can help your employees believe in themselves more and increase their efficiency in the workplace. A nice smell can also make completing mundane and repetitive tasks a little easier and offer a distraction during a long and dull working day.

Looking After Your Lavatories 

When it comes to avoiding unpleasant smells in the workplace, lavatories should be your top consideration. The smell is usually the first thing you notice when you enter a WC, and that alone can make or break your experience and impression of a building. With so many people using limited facilities in an office, it’s likely that your toilet won’t always smell great. These facilities also often lack fresh air, which means odours and bacteria grow. Of course, when these do eventually leak out into the office, this can be incredibly unpleasant for everyone who is trying to concentrate on their work.

Most employees today wish their employers would do more about their lavatories and find it embarrassing to have to show visitors or guests to unpleasant facilities. In fact, the loos alone is shown to increase productivity, so it’s definitely something that’s worth investing in. If you welcome customers into your business, such as in a restaurant or store, you may find that horrible loos are actually a reason for them never to return again. Make sure you don’t have this situation by offering clean and tidy facilities that you would be happy to use in a public place.

If you do find your nasty toilet smell is something more than just poor hygiene and cleaning, it may be time to call in commercial plumbing services. They can complete a full assessment of your lavatory to check if there are any plumbing issues, such as leaks or blocked pipes. Make sure you regularly use plumbing companies that specialise in commercial plumbing, as they’ll be used to dealing with toilets that have high levels of traffic each day.

Scents to Improve Your Workplace Atmosphere

While you should always work to eliminate bad smells, we also encourage you to think about adding pleasant smells in the workplace. These can help to improve the productivity and wellbeing of your employees, and just a simple air freshener or diffuser can make a huge difference to your working environment. There are many scents you could opt to use, but these are a few of our favourites and the benefits they’ll offer your team: 

  • Peppermint – increases concentration 
  • Cinnamon – also increases concentration but can help to reduce mental fatigue or stress 
  • Lemon – an uplifting scent that can reduce stress levels 
  • Lavender – great for reducing stress in the workplace, but is best used at the end of the day to avoid drowsiness 
  • Rosemary – increases energy and memory and helps you to think more clearly

We often spend so much time at work thinking about creating a clean and organised environment that we often overlook the smells coming from the toilets and kitchens in our office. Especially if you welcome members of the public into your workplace, it’s crucial you offer them a welcoming and hygienic set of facilities to use. The use of fragrance in the workplace is something that we encourage any business owner to consider, as it can be a quick fix to mask bad smells and improve the mood of your employees. 

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