In case of a disaster, we know where to start, so you dont have to. 

We have specialist knowledge and the necessary equipment to deal with the damage, restore and reinstate your property and premises after a fire, flood, pipe bursts, storm and other disasters.  

Flood and Water damage

After a flood or significant water damage, the propertys assessment and quick action are crucial in minimising further impact on the building. 

Our team of specialists will use drying equipment, thermal imaging, moisture measuring and other techniques to investigate the damage to be able to create a full impact report to inform insurance services and the necessary restoration actions to follow. 

Take advantage of our extensive water damage repair and restoration services, some of which are listed below: 

  • Water extraction 
  • Sewage clean up 
  • Drying and odour neutralisation 
  • Contents, upholstery and carpet cleaning and repair 
  • Residential and commercial flood damage repair and restoration 
  • Insurance claim reports 

Fire and Smoke Damage

After a fire, the property suffers burn and smoke damage but also flooding damage due to the efforts of firefighters. It is particularly important to have an effective emergency response so that the facilities are assessed, and first actions are taken to minimise further damage. We offer step by step support in the case of fire and smoke damage, from the initial assessment, through soot removal, cleaning and decontamination to final restoration and rebuilding.

Our specialised team is at the ready to offer full damage and restoration services including, but not limited to:

  • Insurance claim reports
  • Soot, smoke and debris removal
  • Decontamination through latest technology
  • Drying and mould treatment
  • Cleaning of site and upholstery
  • Repairs of furniture
  • Disposal of harmful materials and residues
  • Ensuring electrical safety
  • Restoration, rebuilding, painting and refurbishment services.

Water Leak Detection

We have all experienced at some point the distress and felt the expense of a water pipe leak.

If your Trace and Access insurance does not cover you, you are yourself tasked with the job to find a specialist who will detect the cause without creating further damage, but also will assure a quick and cost-effective repair.

What to do now?

Typical signs of a leak are visible damp patches, a high-water bill, loss of water pressure or even a mouldy smell. And yes indeed, your water bill can increase significantly as the smallest leak of up to 0.5 mm could cause the loss of more than 20 litres each hour. This amount of water can cause significant damage over just the span of a day.

Detecting leaks early is just the beginning. The costs and disruption in finding the source can also be considerable. If the leak is not obvious, a plumber may do further damage to find it.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or online and we can tell you what you can expect to calm your mind. We will send you a specialist technician as soon as possible. They’ll use the latest leak detection technology to locate the problem and provide you with a solution.

Subsidence Damage

Subsidence damage to property occurs when the moisture levels of the soil underneath a building have changed. These changes happen due to tree roots expansion, burst water pipes or different weather conditions. Signs of damage are cracks on walls and ceilings, changes in the door and window frames and bowed walls. 

Our specialised team is at the ready to offer full damage and restoration services including, but not limited to:

  • Assessment of the structural soundness of a building
  • Drain reparation
  • Tree pruning or removal
  • Insurance reports
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