Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

Best Gutter Cleaning toolsUnfortunately, gutters don’t stay clean for long.  With changes in season, gutters quite often become blocked with leaves, tree branches as well as being subject to a build-up of general dirt and debris, (we’ll not go into the fact that birds can sometimes nest in gutters, as well as other living creatures)   Whatever the reason, gutters need cleaning regularly (or at least before winter, after the autumn season and to allow for snow, etc. to flow through your gutters with ease).  We have to be honest, gutter cleaning can often be a dirty job, and you never know just what you’re putting your hands on. To help, we’ve provided a handful of gutter cleaning tips to give you a helping hand, (of course there’s always Clear Choice Ltd too, but we’ll mention our gutter cleaning services later)! 

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Gutter Cleaning Equipment to Help! 

Pressure Washers 

Probably the most common out of all the cleaning tools is the high-pressure washer systems which are now available. Pressure washers are great for gutters, helping to flush out debris due to their powerful force while also being able to provide extendable poles for even the hardest to reach places.  What’s more, all of this cleaning is achievable while you remain safely with your feet on the ground!  

Extension Wands and Extendable Poles 

Adding on hose extensions means there is no need for you to climb ladders and take on those scary heights to reach the top of your gutters. Using extension poles and telescopic gutter cleaning equipment means you’re not only equipping with an extendable rod, but you can have water flowing cleaning brush which can also be used to clean windows while you’re there too. 

Gutter Guards 

The most popular option for many is the use of gutter guards.  Acting like a drain catcher, gutter guards stop larger items from falling into your gutters downpipes causing problems and blockages, while still allowing water to flow through freely (however gutter guards will not stop leaves building up in top gutters or the need to clean these regularly). 

Gutter Vacuums 

Gutter vacuums can be a bit on the pricey side but do provide you with the benefits of making gutter cleaning more accessible and safer, especially when it comes to reaching those hard to get to places.  

Gutter Scoops and Brushes 

Still a very manual way of cleaning gutters, the gutter scoop attachments mean you don’t have to clear leaves and debris away with your hands, using the scoop to do the hard work for you.  With the brush attachment being used to clean away dirt and mould build-up. 

Extension Ladders 

If you’re not too bad with heights and it is safe to do so, extension ladders can provide you with the final reach you need to clean gutters better.  However, we’d advise on the extension poles with different head attachments in the first instance, providing you with a higher level of safety. 

Gutter Cleaning Robots 

Yes, these are a “thing,” designed to offer you a hands-free way of cleaning your gutters.  These “robots” can help to blast away unwanted leaves and blockages, while also brushing clean your gutters as it goes!  Moving down your gutter on its own, this clever piece of machinery can sense and adapt its settings to any debris it may come across for it to provide the most effective cleaning.  However, we feel we need to put on a disclaimer, in that like with all technology equipment still needs to be controlled and maintained at all times.   There are hundreds upon hundreds of gizmos and gadgets out in the market offering gutter cleaning solutions.  However, if all of this still sounds like a bit too much hard work, as well as time-consuming and costly, then call the professionals at Clear Choice Ltd.  Offering a professional gutter cleaning service, we save you time and money.  Call us on 0113 271 1432

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