Leeds Attractions

Being one of the most precious jewels in the North, most tourists would want to stop over and see the beauty of the city and visit Leeds attractions. Like any other cities in the UK, Leeds also possess beautiful landmarks the city feels pride for it; from a cluster of modern commercial store and buildings, ancient architectures and nature parks. Whether you are alone or with loved ones, with a tight budget or a person with a blank cheque, morning person or a night owl, there are places suitable for you. We feel that you might get overwhelmed with a bunch of fascinating places to visit for, so we have arranged you our Top 5 must-visit attractions in Leeds.

Leeds Attractions

Royal Armouries

Located at armouries drive, the museum filled with legendary armour suits and weapons collected since 19th century around the world, be ready to explore over 8,500 collections not to mention the live battle re-enactments to reveal the secrets of the past. Do not worry! Weapons are in safeguard so that you can bring your children here. Plus, if you are a die-hard fan of Lord of the rings, you can find the swords and weapons they used in the movie!

Roundhay Park

For all nature lovers, this is the must place for you. As one of the largest city parks in Europe with over 700 acres of green land, a lot of activities can be done in this park. You can go for jogging or just a walk with your fur friend, getting picnics, a playground to keep the children busy and you could even meditate and get some fresh air from the city park.

Kirkstall Abbey

A short distance away from the city centre, you can have the opportunity to explore for free the remains of the Kirkstall Abbey standing in the place since 1152. The ruins of the Cistercian monastery are well preserved that you can still spot the kitchen and refectory other buildings. Apart from picnic and place exploration, the abbey is just next to River Aire so you can have a stroll to the scenic river.

Leeds Art Gallery

If you appreciate and loves art, never miss a chance to visit Leeds Art Gallery. As the recognised art museum in the city, a collection of pristine sculptures and arts and paintings of the famous British artists J.S Cotman can be found here as well as the art of French and Italian art masters like Signac, Courbet, and Renoir and other award-winning artists. But if you are into modern art, there is also a brand-new piece of art are found in the gallery.

Trinity Shopping Centre

Here in Leeds, you would never leave the place without go for a shopping experience. Trinity Shopping Centre is a new mall opened in the year of 2013 but already helped the city known as one of the best retail destinations in the country. For the shopaholics’ trinity is your paradise; with a vast number of branded stalls and boutiques across the globe, you can shop till you drop.

Not to mention that there are other activities to do other than visiting museums, sightseeing, going to malls, you need to explore and do some research. With all the landmarks and attractions in Leeds, why not book a trip and plan your activity here in the city? Either it’s your first-time visit or your 99th time, you will never get tired of coming back and forth to Leeds.

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