Top 8 Interesting Facts about the City of Leeds

Leeds is recognised as one of the active cities in the UK as it features everything from modern shopping centres to environmental friendly greeneries people love to stroll on. The city is located precisely in the middle of the UK and it is considered as one of the highly growing green cities in the United Kingdom. Being such a prosperous city, Leeds has a lot to offer for people of all ages and abilities. Here are the top facts about Leeds that you may not be aware of: 

Top 8 Interesting Facts

  • Leeds is rated as the best shopping location in the United Kingdom. Leeds city centre features more than 3.5 million square feet of floor space used for a retail purpose. The city brags about more than 5 miles of shopping streets which have been buzzing with several illustrious stores and restaurants. The city of Leeds also boasts about the pedestrian shopping area which is longest in the country.  
  • Although the Northeast region has the lowest number of tradespeople (people specialises in skilled work roles, ex. locksmith, cleaners, technician etc.). Leeds City region contributes around 2 million of the workforce employed in more than 100,000 companies. All these industries produce a worth of more than £56 billion every year that contributes to 5% of the entire economic output of England. The economy of Leeds City Region is also higher than that of 9 countries of Europe.  
  • Leeds is known as the paradise for golfers featuring more than 20 private as well as public golf courses. Moortown Golf Club is a part of that list that hosted Ryder cup in the year 1929 in which some legendary teams such as Percy Alliss and Walter Hagen participated.  
  • Every day, more than 100,000 commuters utilise Leeds Train Station which covers around 900 trains. This is what makes it the busiest train station in the United Kingdom outside of London.  
  • From an economic perspective, the facts of Leeds are quite surprising. The GDP of Leeds is calculated to be around £55 billion. It is more than that of New Zealand and three times that of Turkey’s.  
  • In the tourism front, Leeds is way ahead of many famous tourist locations across the world. In summer, it attracts more visitors than some of the popular British holiday locations such as Brighton and Torquay.  
  • According to the recent data, Leeds City Region possesses more than 3 million of a population which is definitely an astonishing number. What it demonstrates that Leeds has held more residents than that of Jamaica and Mongolia. The number is also two times more than that of Qatar’s entire population.  
  • Leeds is also doing great in the educational field as it is referred to as a Best University Destination in the UK. The University of Leeds gets more applications than any other famous University in the country. The two top-rated and internationally recognised universities of Leeds hold more than 75,000 students who are pursuing their degree education there. More than 10% of total UK graduate students were also educated in this city.    

These are some of the interesting facts about the city of Leeds that every individual must know about this fabulous place.  

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