List of Must Visit Museums in Leeds

Leeds is a city packed with a lot of historical and memorable places. Whether you are a local or travelling from outside the city, there are several excellent museums in Leed that you should not miss. Here is a list of Leeds best museum that you must consider visiting during your tour to the beautiful city, Leeds: 

List of Must Visit Museums in Leeds

The Royal Armouries:

If you are interested in national history, then this is the museum you must visit. The Royal Armouries possesses an extensive collection of historical items such as armour and arms. The museum features six galleries that include Peace, Hunting, Self-Defence, Oriental, Tournament and War. The entry to this museum is totally free and any fundraising done for the museum goes directly to the cause. If you are coming from Brown Road, Royal Armouries is just 12 minutes away from Clear Choice. 

Abbey House Museum:

If you are planning to visit Abbey House Museum, then it is not just about visiting the museum, but it is also about strolling through the pubs and shops located on the busy Victorian-era street of the city. It is perfect place to go with your family especially during the summer season.  

Middleton Railway Museum:

When we talk about the rails, Middleton Railway is considered as one of the oldest working masterpieces in the world. It features as a museum with a fabulous collection of electric, diesel and steam locomotives. If you got kids, then it is highly recommended to bring them to this fantastic place. A visit to the Middleton Railway Museum is absolutely free and you only need to pay if you are planning to ride on the train.  

Otley Museum:

If you wish to dig into your family history, then the Otley Museum is a perfect destination to do so. Here you will not only learn about the intriguing history of Otley, but you can also glance through several historical documents, records, photographs and images to explore more about the past. The significant part of the collection dates back to the 18th century.  

Thackray Medical Museum:

If you are from the medical field or keep interested in medical history, then you should not overlook Thackray Medical Museum. Most of the medical students visit this place as a part of their educational trip. The museum features a lot of events and galleries with dedicated guides who will provide all the information you need about this unique museum. Tickets for the museum are available in the form of annual passes so you can keep visiting it several times in the year. People who are researching the field of medicine and paranormal phenomena have a lot to gain from this museum.  

Leeds Industrial Museum:

Once upon a time, Leeds was recognised as an industrial capital of the nation. If you want to know every single thing about the industrial history of Leeds, then visit the Leeds Industrial Museum. You can discover several things about the Leeds’ industries that witnessed this city flourished.  

Apart from the list of Leeds best museum given above, there are several others you can consider visiting. However, the museums discussed above are the best in the lot and they should be on your priority list on your next visit to Leeds.  

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