6 advantages industrial cleaning can bring to your bottom line

6 advantages industrial cleaning can bring to your bottom lineIndustrial cleaning is a clean that goes beyond the office.

It is a cleaning service that tackles, head-on, cleaning on the shop floor.

Whether this is a warehouse, plant, or storehouse, we understand that these areas are critical to your bottom line, which is why we provide various industrial cleaning services for you to choose from, tailoring the clean to your business requirements.

Boosting employee motivation and productivity as a result and improving customer opinion hence qualifying your business reputation, the benefits of industrial cleaning cannot be underestimated.

But what is industrial cleaning, and what advantages could such a service bring to your business?

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning goes beyond your standard office clean. It is much more robust, with a full clean of your industrial facility, including machinery and equipment; it is more than a quick vacuum and emptying the bins (although we do this too).

Due to the nature of industrial cleaning and the environment, this type of cleaning can come with its own set of challenges and safety risks; hence you must work with a professional team. A team that is qualified, experienced, and experts in their field.

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6 advantages of how industry cleaning services can boost your company’s bottom line

Safe work environment

A clean workplace creates a healthier and safer work environment for staff and customers. For example, clean workspaces can result in fewer accidents, reduce the risks of cross-contamination, and reduce problems with equipment.

Regular cleaning and deep cleans can also help to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and infections by removing the build-up of dust, dirt, and grime.

How does this support your bottom line?

Fewer sick days and employees taking time off, supporting an increase in productivity.


We might not admit it, but we all feel happier when things are organised and exactly where they ought to be – and this is where professional industrial cleaning services can help.

Ensuring everything is where it needs to be, tidy, clean, and organised.

How does this support your bottom line?

Employees no longer have to spend time searching for things, wasting valuable time looking for items caught up in the clutter.

Increased productivity

We know that there is a direct correlation between employee well-being and productivity. Employees are happier when their workspace is fresh, clean, and dust-free.

And when an employee feels that their company looks after them by providing a nice work environment, they are more willing to give the company more.

Hiring a professional cleaning team also saves time on your in-house cleaning, time that

your team can spend on other business areas.

How does this support your bottom line?

Now employees don’t have to spend time cleaning equipment and workspaces before they even get started. You also don’t have to purchase cleaning equipment and products, as professional cleaning teams will come prepared, providing you with an effective, efficient, and cost-saving service.

Saves time and money

With regular cleaning, including a range of industrial cleaning services benefits, you can reduce employee turnover, reduce the number of accidents, and see fewer problems with machinery and equipment.

One of the biggest cleaning services benefits to equipment is that it can improve machine efficiency, keeping equipment in good working order for longer. Often there is no need to purchase new equipment or furniture; keeping them clean and well-maintained allows you to

preserve equipment for longer.

How does this support your bottom line?

You don’t have to replace machinery or equipment until necessary. Avoiding accidents in the workplace could save you thousands in compensation and insurance claims.

Healthier work environment

Today, professional companies will use environmentally friendly products to reduce their carbon footprint. Using green products also ensures that no toxins linger in the air, negatively affecting your employee’s health.

Clean, fresh air matters, and keeping areas such as air ducts clean stops dust from being filtered through and pushed out into the air we breathe. We recommend that air ducts should be cleaned annually, as a minimum.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning can also help to create a healthier environment, avoiding the build-up of dirt and grime, leading to bacteria and more.

How does this support your bottom line?

It supports a reduction in sick days and reduces your business’s carbon footprint.

Professional appearance

The image that you present to your customers can make or break how successful you are.

For example, customers are less likely to have confidence in your products and services if, when they enter your premises, it is untidy, dirty, and all-around unkempt.

Instead, you want to give your customers a high level of confidence in your business, and you can do this with a clean and tidy work environment from the moment they approach the building.

It’s important to note that some areas require cleaning daily, such as reception areas, restrooms, etc., whereas others may simply require a periodic clean.

How does this support your bottom line?

It keeps your customers returning time and time again.

A cleaning service industry that cares

At Clear Choice, our teams always come fully prepared with the right tools and equipment for an industrial clean.

Experienced, professional, and trustworthy, we’re the clear choice when you’re looking for an industrial cleaning service you can rely on.

Call us now on 01132 711 432 to discuss all your commercial cleaning needs.



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