We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

We are a leading provider in the provision of contract cleaning and support services, with a focus on Quality we ensure Customer Service Excellence through premium level service delivery.

Our Why is to become Yorkshire’s No. 1 cleaning contractor.

Why preventative maintenance in commercial and industrial buildings is important

Why Preventive maintenance in commercial and industrial buildings is importantNo matter how sturdy a building may appear on the outside, the inner workings are a different story. This is where preventative maintenance comes in. Whether you’re looking for preventative maintenance for an industrial building or commercial building preventative maintenance, they’re both important and are similar in many aspects.  

However, preventative maintenance has a wide scope meaning there are numerous different aspects of it, and that can include other types of specialities, where it may be a good idea to look for experienced professionals in the industry. One of these areas of preventative maintenance can even be done by an industrial cleaning company as a part of the necessary different components.

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What does preventative maintenance mean?  

This means checking in on your building and ensuring that with periodic inspections, you’re able to see if there are any type of significant issues to resolve. It’s meant to put upfront efforts to help prevent massive repair jobs and long-term degradation. Without it, it can become costly and very unsafe, which is why commercial building preventative maintenance is extremely important.  

What are various types of preventative maintenance 

Have a preventative maintenance routine 

Briefly mentioned above but routine maintenance is the first line of defence in ensuring the business is up to code. These are small tasks that are done periodically. These can be either checking in on the HVAC systems and needing to do industrial cleaning on them, or scheduling an industrial cleaning service to come in intervals to clean out the working area, especially in factory and manufacturing settings.  

These inspections will also include routine servicing of machinery and equipment, which is an important aspect of preventative maintenance for an industrial building, as all that heavy machinery needs to be serviced according to their guidelines on top of the use of an industrial cleaning company.  

Replace as soon as possible 

This is not just reserved for equipment or other components that are already broken or non-functioning but also when they have excessive wear and tear. Replacing proactively before something breaks down will help the overall machinery work longer and prevent accidents or further damage to expensive equipment. Whether it’s a factory machine, cooling system, or HVAC system, having a timeline for everything and getting ahead of the eventual breakdown will save so much in costs and time.  

With many commercial building preventative maintenance strategies, you’re able also to install monitors to help track everything digitally. This can then end up feeding to a centralised system and database that can provide notifications of when areas need to be inspected and provide a track record for easier preventative maintenance and accountability. The system can simply notify when something is ready to be checked, replaced, or serviced, and that can easily help with any type of schedule with third-party support services.  

Why do I need to hire professionals?

Many departments in charge of preventative maintenance for either industrial or commercial buildings think that they can cut costs and improve efficiencies by hiring in-house teams.  

Yet preventative maintenance, although routine, the servicing, cleaning and refurbishment aspect is cyclical. As long as there’s a proper schedule that is kept, then working with third-party contractors will actually be a much more efficient option because you’re only paying when you’re going to need something.  

Another reason to work with professionals in an ad hoc manner for preventative maintenance is that they will do the job much faster as they are specialised. So unless you will have an on-site person for every aspect of preventative maintenance from HVAC to industrial cleaning, you’re going to want to work with these specialists who will do it faster and at a lower cost.  

Another component is the equipment involved in preventative maintenance. Take, for example, industrial cleaning. An industrial cleaning company will come with all the necessary experience and equipment to ensure that part of the preventative maintenance for industrial buildings includes not just a proper scrub down of all working areas and machinery but also the elimination of all the dirt, debris and dust.  

They come with specialised containers to remove any large objects that can come from industrial buildings or commercial building preventative services without having the department in charge worry about it. Instead, an industrial cleaning service team simply comes in and out and has everything looking spotless and ready to continue with preventative maintenance or get everything back to working order.  

Stay safe

Don’t try to cut corners with this. Each part of preventative maintenance needs licensed and seasoned support in many areas, such as electrical wiring or plumbing systems. Even for those areas that don’t need specific certifications, you still want to consider getting those experts. And always make sure that industrial cleaning is the first step. 

This helps to illuminate any larger problems. For example, maybe that speck of assumed dirt is really a crack in the machinery, or perhaps there’s been a build-up of something clogging the HVAC system. Don’t also wait too long between industrial cleaning service appointments either. More consistently will lead to better preventative maintenance.

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