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You need to make sure that your office environment creates a good impression, not just for your visitors, but for your employees and your potential employees! 

Office cleaning is one of those everyday tasks that can often be overlooked but a task that is an essential part of a business’s day-to-day activities. 

Whether you’re looking for office cleaning Leeds, from a professional cleaning company who can work alongside your existing cleaning team or become your only cleaning team, Clear Choice offers flexible services to provide it with all. 

Committed to keeping offices clean throughout Leeds, you can count on Clear Choice to provide you with a range of office cleaning services. 

Office Cleaning Leeds 

We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive, high-quality office cleaning services, all matched with our exceptional customer service. 

We work with you, our customers, to make sure that what you require is exactly what is carried out, all at the most competitive prices. 

Our office cleaning solutions include: 

  • Waste collection, removal, and recycling 
  • Carpet cleans 
  • Cleaning of toilet facilities (disinfecting, descaling, and replacing any toiletries and basic essentials) 
  • Internal and external glass cleaning 
  • Cleaning entrance/reception areas 
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping floors 
  • Dusting/sanitisation 
  • Cleaning communal areas such as kitchens, staff canteens, etc 
  • Heavyduty industrial cleaning 
  • And more! 

At Clear Choice, we believe we are the only choice when it comes to expert and professional office cleans. 

Why take a chance on office cleaning companies? 

Because, ultimately, we save you time and money! 

Not cleaning or maintaining your office space regularly will have a detrimental impact on your business results. 

It can result in a poor first impression by visitors, reduce productivity by staff, and incur a rise in the volume of sick days taken! 

Of course, you could look to your employees to help with the cleaning of the office; however, this then takes your teams away from their actual jobs, it can negatively affect moods and behaviour, and your team will not be qualified or experienced in using specific equipment and cleaning products. 

The risk to you and your business, therefore, is increased, and your overall costs will increase too. 

Hiring a professional cleaning company means you have professional, experienced, and qualified cleaners carrying out a great job, perfectly. 

Using the right cleaning products and equipment, your office is cleaned to a high standard and to your set requirements. 

The benefits of a clean office 

Presents a positive image of your business. 

A clean office can speak volumes to both your staff and visitors. Making a good first impression from the second, they walk through the door is all any business really wants. This impression can also reflect the service your customers will receive if they choose to work with you, making it a vitally important aspect. 

For staff, it can also help boost productivity levels as they feel comfortable in their surroundings, as well as valued and looked after. 

Helps to increase hygiene standards. 

Cleanliness has a significant impact on hygiene, which in turn affects your employees and the number of sick days your company experiences. Putting good hygiene practices into place helps to reduce the number of germs and bacteria on equipment, etc., helping to keep your staff healthier and reduce sick days throughout the office. 

Helping to keep things looking fresher for longer. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help to reduce wear and tear, and helps things, such as carpets, look good and last much longer. All are helping to save you money. 

For a no-obligation quote for Clear Choice Cleaning Services, Leeds.

Our Office Cleaning Standards 

At Clear Choice we: – 

  • Provide trained, experienced, and trustworthy cleaning teams 
  • Offer high-quality cleaning on each and every clean 
  • Have processes in place to manage holidays and absences, so you’re never left stranded 
  • Offer complete flexibility in the services we provide, tailoring these services to meet your specific requirements 
  • Offer regular contract work as well as one-off cleans. 

A well-managed service, at a competitive price – Clear Choice Ltd. 

Much more than another cleaning company 

We aim to offer the best office cleaning you can imagine in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire. 

Exceeding your expectations, delivering results on time, every time, and saving you time and money along the way. 

We’re thorough in the work we do, and we pay attention to detail when it comes to working to your specifications and beyond. 

We also use the latest tools and the best cleaning products available, and we also use our experience to employ a few tricks of the trade.  Providing you with the best client-orientated solution to your office cleaning needs. 

We understand that a clean office is an essential component of a modern, vibrant, and effective organisation. 

Call us today on 01132 711 432 and see how we can support you. 

School cleaning experts

The facts behind office cleanliness

  • On average employees will be absent from work with sickness a total of 9 days per year. Some of which can be caused by poor workplace hygiene. 
  • Your average office keyboard can have up to 7,500 germs living on those keys at any given time. 
  • Viruses, like colds and flu, can stay on unclean desktops, shelves, and everyday office equipment for up to 24 hours. 
  • It’s estimated that around 65% of employees share office equipment, such as phones, computers, etc. However, with a staggering 25,127 germs up for grabs, per square inch, is now a good time to look at how clean your office space is? 

Let the team at Clear Choice Ltd reduce these statistics for you. Boosting staff morale, leading to increased focus and higher productivity. 

Maintain an office to be proud of with Clear Choice Ltd. 


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