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Signs That Your Commercial Cleaners are Doing a Good Job or Not

Signs that your commercial cleaners are doing a good job or notWhen you hire commercial cleaners, you have high standards for how your office or building should look. Sometimes you can get stuck with a mediocre cleaning company, unsure if you are too demanding or they are becoming sloppy. Reliable commercial cleaners are the ones who provide excellent service and keep it consistent over time. Here are ways to decide if your commercial cleaners are doing a good job.


Cleaning should work like clockwork, with cleaners being punctual every day. They should work quietly and efficiently, with no fuss or overly noticeable presence.

When you see the cleaners working, they should have a wide range of cleaning products at their disposal (and definitely the ones you agreed they’d use). You will notice a drastic difference in the look of the cleaned area if the proper products have been used.

The cleaners should become familiar faces soon after hire. Besides it being more convenient, it also shows that the commercial cleaning company is reputable if they keep their cleaners employed and don’t change them too frequently.

The most obvious thing to look for is if the cleaned area looks good or not. There should be no compromise with this. If you get positive impressions of the cleaning results, your cleaners are keepers.


Cleaners who are frequently tardy can interfere with your business schedule. Also, if when you cleaners arrive, it feels as if they take forever to get the job done, maybe it’s time for some adjustments or a complete change.

A good way to determine if you’re dealing with the best commercial cleaner or not is by checking their storage cupboard. If it isn’t orderly or it doesn’t contain the cleaning products you agreed on, you should chat or consider changing them.

If you regularly see new faces among your cleaners, it shows that the company struggles to keep their personnel committed. You can voice your concerns to the management and see if they can sign up some regular cleaners.

Finally, and most importantly, if you’re noticing any poorly cleaned areas, it is time to give management a call. Here are some specific things to look out for:

  • Check out different surfaces with a paper towel and make sure there are no traces of dust or dirt.
  • Are the litter bins empty?
  • Are the toilets clean? Is there enough paper on the roll holders and dispensers? Are the soap dispensers full? How about paper towels?
  • Do the door knobs feel clean or sticky when you hold them?

It’s normal for everyone to make mistakes sometimes. Good communication with the management of your commercial cleaners should fix any issues. However, if the quality of the service doesn’t improve even after a chat with the superiors, it is definitely time for a change. At Clear Choice, we will be happy to meet all your commercial cleaning needs at any time!



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